It’s your little one’s first birthday – a year of laughter, new memories, and milestones. A baby’s first birthday is probably more momentous to parents than their babies, but it is still worth celebrating. One day, you’ll be able to look back and share it with your child. 

Before the festivities and the social media posts about your child’s big day, you’ll need to plan. There are so many cute and themed party ideas online, and they can get pricey. Moms, remove the pressure. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your child’s first birthday special. If you want to keep your baby’s party small but memorable, then here are some affordable ideas.

Plan a Family Photoshoot

Your child won’t remember their first birthday. So instead of juggling the pressure and the expenses of planning a big party, organize a family photoshoot instead. You can buy a small cake, and you and your child can wear matching outfits. This is a fun way to memorialize your child’s first birthday, while keeping it simple.   

Create a Scrapbook

One creative and inexpensive way to celebrate your child’s first birthday is to create a scrapbook celebrating them. You can put any nostalgic items from their first year. You can also collect words of encouragement from family and friends to include in their scrapbook. Gather happy birthday notes for your child on social media or in-person, and print them for the scrapbook. 

Bake a Homemade Cake

While it may be tempting to splurge on a custom-made cake, save money by making a homemade cake instead. Since your child is turning one, the cake will likely be a smash cake. Skip the decadent and expensive truffles, layers of icing, and cake toppers. This will make for a cute and messy photo moment with your smiling baby smashing the cake. 

Play Dress Up

Another fun and inexpensive way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday is to play dress up. Whether it’s a princess, a fairy, an alien, or an athlete, let your kiddo embrace the fun of a new character. The whole family can get in on the dress up fun, or you can invite other babies and kids over to play dress up too. This will make for adorable photos, and it will be easy on your wallet.

Host a Park Party

A great way to celebrate your little one’s birthday is hosting a party at your local park. You’ll need a tablecloth (preferably plastic), disposable plates and cutlery, small appetizers (in bulk), a homemade birthday cake, and any party favors you’d like. Be sure to arrive to the park early to hold your spot. This party idea helps you skip on catering costs and venue fees.