Dealing with alopecia and thinning strands can be extremely frustrating and difficult to manage. But it’s important to remember that you are not alone, and there are resources out there to aid in your journey towards looking and feeling your best. 

We’ve previously shared our own battle with postpartum hair loss, the best hairstyles to rock for thinning hair, and now we’re back with the best products to help induce hair growth and achieve an overall fuller appearance.

Check out five of our favorites below!

Actsyl’s Hair Growth Serum promises to “promote hair growth by combining revolutionary lab-tested ingredients with key aminos and peptides” without hormonal impact and greasy residue. Its formula is quick-absorbing, and works to start combatting hair loss at just the first use. 

85% of users have found success in promoting new growth of their hair, as well as increasing thickness. Grab a 30mL for just $24.99 or a 50mL $36.99 here.

Hair ResQ’s Follicle Stimulator Serum features biotin-B, caffeine, and functional peptides to work immediately with improving blood circulation in the scalp, nourishing hair follicles and amplifying texture. Its benefits also enrich the entire hair shaft, and it is formulated for use on both men and women. 

Use this product morning and night. And grab yours for only $12.38 on Amazon!

LAPCOS’ Dr. 14 Vital Care Shampoo is a “hair thickening scalp treatment and daily shampoo that promotes a thicker, fuller, glossier mane.” It features 14 active ingredients which are proven to prevent hair loss and improve scalp health. And its formula is scientifically-validated and backed by nine separate clinical studies. 

Target hair loss and underlying factors of hair health with a bottle available for only $20 here!

This Restore Hair Thickening & Growth Serum by Rthvi is a “plant-based topical solution for thinning hair and scalp conditions.” It promotes the growth of thick, voluminous hair, prevents breakage, strengthens the hair follicles and gives the hair an overall more thick and fuller appearance.

Grab yours for only $32 here!

This natural scalp oil by Rthvi features rosemary, bhringraj, amla, nettle, and peppermint which work to “restrain DHT (the hormone related to male and female baldness) and increase blood flow to hair follicles for optimal hair growth.”

It also strengthens hair follicles and improves hair quality. And is available here for just $32.