Amanda Seales is back to share her woke-comedy genius with the world on her newest project. “In Amanda We Trust” will be available on August 18 on Patreon. The documentary promises to give fans a good laugh while educating them on society’s shortcomings and inspiring viewers to be the change they want to see.

In Amanda We Trust

According to a press release, the new documentary was produced by Seales’ Smart, Funny & Black Productions. She prides herself on being able to have the creative freedom which comes with autonomy from Hollywood.

“I am so proud of ‘In Amanda We Trust’,” Seales said in the statement. “Not only because it is truly a labor of love and we made it from the ground up, but also because it speaks directly to my goal of using comedy to amplify civic and social issues.”

The documentary follows Seales around Washington DC, to see if it is possible for her to run for political office. Throughout her journey, she is accompanied by names such as Rep Jamaal Bowman and Rep Ilhan Omar. Each gives the comedian insight on matters like crafting bills and who is more difficult to work with: 8th graders or Republicans.

Elsewhere in the documentary, Seales decides to go directly to the streets to ask citizens some questions about the government. She tests them on civics vs. pop culture and more in an attempt to gather a better idea of what Americans really know about the politics of the country.

The new special comes on the heels of her “Smart, Funny, and Black” tour which recently landed in Nashville at the National Museum of African American Music for Juneteenth. In a conversation with The Tennessean the comedian shared that she chose to make the state a stop on her tour due to America’s “rapid decline” settling in places like Tennessee.

“Juneteenth weekend deserves to be a revitalizing celebration worldwide,” she said to the outlet. “Tennessee deserves a break. Some of its residents — especially in Nashville — need a moment built on laughter and love that also recharges and revitalizes them to challenge a system not serving them.”