Whether you rock your natural hair, relaxed strands or anything in between, Amazon's latest launch is a one-stop-shop for you. Now when you go to Amazon, you'll see a beautiful landing page with black women with all lengths and textures of hair showing off their looks. 

The navigation is broken up by need (shampoos & conditioners, oils & serums, styling tools, wigs & weaves and even popular accessories), hair type, brand of choice and top products. You can access tutorials that suggest products and have gifs showing exactly how to achieve a variety of looks, from a refreshed fro to a twisted double bun.

You can even engage with the personal hair stories of @mynaturalsistas: Toni, Carmen and India, as they explain their favorite products, haircare techniques and how these things fit into their individual lifestyles. 

Textures & Hues is a multi-layered platform that caters to so many questions and needs of black women's hair journeys. And it's about time that a brand like Amazon provided these resources.

Rovina Broomfield posted on LinkedIn announcing that she pitched the business idea to Amazon.

"They said “do it!”, so I left my job, formed a new team, and we built it in 7 months!" she said.

And we're so glad she did. Black women spend so much money and time on caring for our hair and using it to express ourselves. So it only makes sense for brands to listen to us, cater to our needs and give us spaces where we can share tutorials, product recommendations and more.

If you're looking to try out some new styles or products, give Amazon's Textures & Hues a try.