10 Weekend Activities To Do Without Spending A Dime

by nishastephens

Picture this: it’s the end of the week, you’re exhausted, maybe a little tight on funds until next payday and you just want some good old R&R without paying a bunch of money. Luckily, there are many ways to indulge in some relaxation and fun without having to drop any money at all, and most can be quickly done without excessive planning or preparation.

Here are 15 things you can try this weekend without spending a dime:

  • Allow yourself to sleep in an extra hour Or two. Your body and mind will thank you

  • Pop some popcorn and settle in with your favorite Netflix program

  • Have your own spa experience at home, using products you already have on hand like masks, lotions and bath bombs

  • Take an afternoon to sit back and relax with a good read and some coffee or hot cocoa

  • Using up ingredients in the kitchen, create a yummy, home-cooked meal

  • Do something active (and free) that you absolutely love, like dancing, jogging, hiking, etc. 

  • Give yourself a fresh new mani & pedi, a face andor hair mask to boot!

  • Create a gratitude journal. before bed, journal out your thoughts and say what you are thankful for in your life

  • Volunteer at a local shelter or organization for a couple hours a week (doing good usually makes you feel good)

  • Spend some time with your favorite person, even if it’s just a phone or a Skype call

So, what’s your favorite money-free activity that you like to enjoy?

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