There’s nothing like a relaxing bubble bath experience after a long week – take it from us, if you haven’t incorporated this into your self care routine, then you need to… ASAP!

On the other hand, if you only have a stand up shower available, it can be easy to feel left out of this entire luxurious experience. But don’t fret, having a relaxing bubble bath or shower experience really comes down to the salts and soaks that you use to invigorate your body and bath water.

Here’s some of our favorites for both experiences!

OUAI Chill Pills


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Just drop this “chill pill” into your bath water and take in its rose and jasmine scent. Infused with luxurious oils which work to moisturize, nourish and soothe skin, this bath bomb by OUAI promises to provide a “luxurious escape.”

True Botanicals Nature Bathing Forest Bath Soak


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This bath soak by True Botanicals promises to “transport you to nature and provide an indulgent escape from the stress of modern day life.” It also promises to leave your skin looking glowy, and feeling soft and hydrated. 

This product also promises to aid against aging and even your body’s skin tone.

Body Restore Relief Shower Steamers


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Body restore’s Relief Shower Steamers are available in a variety of scents from lavender, to eucalyptus and mint, to citrus. And they all promise to provide an invigorating shower experience. These steamers are proven to last an extended amount of time, are also great to relieve nasal congestion and aid in relaxation and stress relief.

Musee Bath Champagne & Rose Shower Steamers


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Drop this tablet into your shower and experience the vivacious scents of orange and florals as they mix into the air. Allow your bathroom to fill with steam, and voilà – you have an amazing shower experience!

Fur Bath Drops


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Grab these bath drops by Fur for “silky, soft skin.” It features encased seaweed, combined with their Fur Oil and a blend of softening oils which easily dissolve into bath water, nourish your skin, and leave your senses feeling calmed. Grab 2 or 3 and prepare to fall into the abyss of relaxation.