Angel Reese is having a ball this summer with her endorsement earnings. The basketball star revealed to Overtime that she’s “done a lot of shopping lately.” She admitted to purchasing multiple designer bags and a Mercedes Benz for her birthday, which she considered “her first big purchase.” 

Thanks to her nearly $1.3 million endorsement deals, Reese is among the highest-earning college athletes. Reese has deals with brands such as Amazon, McDonalds, and Coach. Although Reese is in her, “throw in the bag” era, she also revealed that she didn’t spend her first NIL check because it “wasn’t that much.”

An Example to Other Girls

In the interview, Reese shared that she wants her success to be an example to girls who look like her.

“It’s cool because, one, you really don’t see black women doing a lot of deals, especially with a lot of these brands — so, just to see me being an example for a lot of young girls that look like me, and just giving them a point just to know that they can do it,” Reese told Overtime.

Back in May, Reese explained to PEOPLE how she felt “overwhelmed” with so many eyes on her since her rise to fame. However, the “Bayou Barbie” said she wanted to use that pressure as a chance to be a role model.

“It’s a blessing, honestly. I’ve kind of embraced it. People are watching me. It’s a fast life I’m living. I think I have to mature quickly,” she said. “I’m going to learn from mistakes that I make, but I have a lot of great people around me that help me, and I’m blessed to have them around me. I’m happy.”

Making an Impact

Reese recently launched The Angel C. Reese Foundation. The financial literacy foundation aims to educate the new generation of women in the sports industry, provide financial literacy, and extend other resources.

Participants of The Angel C. Reese Foundation will be able to participate in basketball camps, financial literacy programs, and scholarships. Furthermore, the program plans to host holiday events and ongoing community programming.