Lovers of Bollywood know all too well the legendary film “Asoka” which debuted in 2001 and featured actress Kareena Kapoor. Her makeup look, in the film, along with the “San Sanana” song, has sparked the latest makeup trend on TikTok. The international beauty community has been watching and recreating these different versions of Indian bridal makeup tutorials nonstop.

First made popular by Sita Suwarnadwipa, according to South Indian news sources, the trends around have garnered billions of views. It’s touched Brasil, Nigeria and beyond. Here’s a bit more about the origins of “asoka makeup” and how it’s transformed in our version of an “asoka makeup” explainer. 

Who Is Asoka?

“Asoka” is the name of a film co-written and directed by Santosh Sivan. It’s an Indian, Hindi-language movie that stars Kareena Kapoor Khan opposite Shah Rukh Khan who plays “Asoka”. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s makeup looks from the film, traditional to Indian beauty practices, has sparked the trend. She does not play the “Asoka” character, contrary to explanations from non-Indian beauty creators. Still, makeup lovers around the world have blended and/or taken from the two styles to create homages to Indian beauty culture. 

What Is Asoka Makeup?

As explained, “asoka makeup” pulls from Kareena Kapoor Khan’s makeup looks in the film “Asoka”. It also celebrates traditional Indian bridal makeup looks. Recent “asoka makeup” content on TikTok has also incorporated a song original to the movie “Asoka” titled “San Sanana”. The song was created by Alka Yagnik, Anu Malik, and Hema Sardesai. TikTokers and Instagrammers have added the song to their renditions of Indian bridal makeup tutorials. The complexity included makes each of them feel like a short film and/or an individual “asoka makeup” explainer. The style of video editing, made popular by Indian beauty content creators, involves sharp and quick cuts. The cuts act as transitions between moments of bold makeup, jewelry, traditional garb and a presentation of the finished look featuring all three. The creators of each video can also be seen lip-syncing to the well-known tune.

Who knew that this 23-year-old film would be influencing TikTok beauty creators now?!

Why Are Beauty Content Creators Recreating The Look?

TikTok continues to serve as a platform where increased access to an array of cultures sparks inspiration in the form of new trends. Of the beauty trends being incorporated into tutorials, the “asoka makeup” trend is the most difficult. Content creators have spoken to editing for 8+ hours after recording their versions. And, while some creators see the recent versions as celebration of the extensive beauty content feed produced by Indian creators, others are calling out the mockery. Still, this is a moment for Indian beauty creators who have long produced complex and stunning beauty tutorials.

And with the topic of representation and inclusion being a critical one within the online beauty community, beauty lovers are being celebrated for showcasing the makeup style while putting their own spin on it respectfully. We wish Indian beauty creators and the online beauty community continued success and look forward to the upcoming trends!