One of the first few questions I notice people ask outside of your name (if you give them a nickname), age and where you are from is what your birthday or zodiac sign is. Astrology has become a deciding factor that many people contribute to the compatibility of possible partners in a relationship. Books have determined that certain signs will have a wonderful relationship while others will send a possible relationship and partner to the pits of hell. The basis of astrology dictates that a person born at a certain time has a certain zodiac with a particular set of attributes. These attributes, in some eyes, are the only thing that matters in determining compatibility.

The thing is astrology doesn't determine your compatibility any more than your family name does. 

Astrology like anything else should be used and/or practiced in its correct time and place. It is only a facet of an extremely complex puzzle. Think about this. Zodiac signs span roughly a month across two months. Take me for example, I am an Aries. My older brother is also an Aries. He is a March Aries whereas I am an April Aries. According to astrology, we have some pretty significant characteristics, however, we differ because of our birth month and gender. Let's add birth charts and I go from being Aries to Aries with a sun in Pisces and Moon in Mars and dreaming in Venus (or however it goes). Now because of the aforementioned, there are a different set of characteristics I may have.

In reality, astrology possibly gives you a basis for an individual’s personality. 

It’s a possible starting point. Other things like the values instilled, the environment that your potential partner grew up in, and what healthy relationship traits were modeled in front of your partner. If we based compatibility solely on zodiac signs we are essentially negating things like character and our personal intuition. No two zodiacs are the same. You can have two people born on the same day and they will still be totally different. Astrology is like a buffet. They lay a list of characteristics out and you take what applies. Not all Aries have tempers. I do, but my brother is the most passive person I have met. 

On the other hand, I will go from zero to sixty rather quickly. My brother, however has better conflict resolution skills. He will talk to you and see what the issue is. I have another friend that is an Aries. She is totally the opposite of my brother and me. She does some things that are out of the ordinary that makes me question the cultural relativity to her actions as opposed to the relativity of her zodiac sign. 

What makes people compatible in a relationship isn’t their zodiac sign, but their willingness to compromise and work on the relationship, the values they hold, their goals and spirituality among other things. Astrology gives you a basic understanding of characteristics your potential person may possess. But it isn’t the determining factor.