Aysia Morton

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21 Ninety Staff

Aysia Morton is 21Ninety’s senior associate editor and writer. She embodies the essence of a culture-centered and collaborative storyteller. As an editor, copywriter, and communications strategist, Aysia is dedicated to crafting compelling cultural narratives that uplift diversity and representation. Aysia is passionate about using travel as a catalyst to fuel her work as an editor. She’s traveled to 10 countries and counting, and is always excited and curious to gain experiences that spark her inspiration. Brazil is her favorite! Aysia graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with honors. During her time as an undergrad, she discovered her deep love for writing and editing. This realization led her to establish a personal finance blog, and work with publications like BET, The Afro, Essence, and more. Over the past 8 years, she has covered topics ranging from money and entrepreneurship, to beauty, culture and wellness. Outside of work, she loves baking, film, architecture, sewing, collecting vintage magazines and more. She hopes to own her own creative agency one day.