Chanel Iman wants to help women of color facing skincare challenges. The supermodel has partnered with Aveeno for the third year of the brand’s SkinVisibility Initiative. The program addresses the underdiagnosis, care and treatment of sensitive skin conditions on Black skin. The company has also collaborated with digital health platform, Health In Her HUE to provide resources to 200,000 women.

This is the third year of Aveeno’s SkinVisibility initiative. Its main focus is to address the underdiagnosis, care and treatment of sensitive skin and eczema on Black skin and bridge the skin health equity gap. Eczema is one of the most prominent chronic diseases impacting the Black population today.

21Ninety sat down with Chanel Iman, Health In Her HUE‘s co-founder and CEO, Ashlee Wisdom and Aveeno Research and Development Manager, Jipsha Thakrar to discuss the new collaboration and the changes they plan to make.

Aveeno’s SkinVisibility Program

Photo Credit: Aveeno

According to the company’s 2023 annual Aveeno SkinVisiblity survey, 64% of Black Americans deal with some kind of skin concern, such as eczema. The problem that the company found was that 34% say they struggle to find doctors who understand their skin and 31% have never seen a dermatologist.

“What we aim to do is make sure we provide the resources and the information that is needed to treat sensitive skin for black consumers and women of color,” Thakrar said. “And this year, to continue that promise and commitment, we are collaborating with [Health In Her HUE] to make sure we, we bring in information that is relevant, that helps us make sure that we’re improving quality of life for these patients.”

Health In Her HUE fights against the health disparities faced by women who look like them across the nation. This is the reason why Aveeno tapped the brand for its assistance.

“Through our collaboration, Aveeno is going to sponsor up to 500 Health In Her HUE premium memberships, which will give women access to the full Health In Her HUE platform,” Wisdom shared. “We’re also going to be collaborating with them on a campaign to attract more dermatologists and pediatric dermatologists and pediatricians to join the Health In Her HUE platform so that we can help connect women of color to the types of providers that can meet their needs.”

Wisdom was impressed by Aveeno’s commitment to making sure Black women got the help they needed. It became a large reason behind her choice to work with the brand. This made her even more excited to get the ball rolling on putting Black women’s skin needs at the forefront.

“In collaboration with Aveeno, we’re gonna be creating more content so that women like Chanel and other women of color, will have a dedicated space to find resources to help them find trusted information that reflects them as women of color,” she continued.

Chanel Iman’s Pregnancy Journey with SkinVisibility

Photo Credit: Aveeno

Iman, has had varied experiences during each of her pregnancies. She says she’s also noticed differences in her two daughter’s skin as they’ve grown. Thanks to Aveeno’s inclusivity, when it comes to catering to specific skin types, she has found some ease.

“I’ve also had to deal with my kids being diagnosed with eczema,” she explained. “My oldest grew out of it, but my youngest is still going through it. But ever since using Aveeno Baby, it’s really helped me. It’s helped my daughter to soothe her and make her feel more comfortable.”

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Thakrar says it is all thanks to the special ingredient in the product’s formula: oat.

“If you notice on all our products, the red thread ingredient is oat. Oat works in multiple ways for your skin,” she explained. “It’s an anti-inflammatory. So when you have that itch, it, it really helps calm down that itch.”

Iman praised Aveeno’s product line as a savior for helping her feel more comfortable.

“I feel like my skin just gets worse and worse with every pregnancy that I go through,” she began. “I have a really uneven skin tone at the moment so I use Tone and Texture so that my skin tone can stay even and it does relieve the itch and the dryness.”

She also mentioned that the product helps her skin snap right back after having the baby. With her line of work as a model, it is important that she keeps smooth skin.

Before concluding, Iman shared some updates on how her pregnancy journey is going thus far.

“With my first child, because it was new to my body, I had a lot of morning sickness. Then with my second child, I had a little bit of postpartum issues. But this pregnancy, I feel a lot more tired and exhausted because I feel like the baby is so much heavier than my other two.”

Although she has experienced a lot with each child, she believes that “all my kids are blessings and well worth all of it.”

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