As plant-based diets become more and more popular, celebrities — including Ayesha Curry — are finding themselves moving toward more healthy alternatives. Curry, however, took her healthy lifestyle to the next level when she announced that she's partnered with the plant-based brand So Delicious! 

A press release announcement revealed that Ayesha Curry will provide exclusive cooking instructional videos to the brand, available on their website and their various social media pages. 

Check out the video of Curry sharing her Chicken Parm Burger recipe — which, of course, uses the So Delicious cheese alternative — below. And you can also download the recipe here.


Her second recipe involves a very special grilled cheese sandwich, and you can check that out here. Curry's third and final recipe featuring So Delicious cheese alternative products will be available soon. 

In a recent report, the Pew Research Center has noted that plant-based diets have taken off significantly in the Black community. Eight percent of all Black men and women report being "fully vegan," compared to three percent of the population as a whole. If you haven't already tried it, I assure you So Delicious truly lives up to its name (seriously, it's good stuff). For more information, check out the brand’s new non-dairy ShredsSpreads, and Slices, along with favorite recipes!