As the time draws near for you to deliver your bundle of joy, it’s time to celebrate the mommy-to-be with a momentous baby shower.

Baby showers have evolved over the years, with each generation figuring out ways to make the occasion bigger and better. With so many baby shower theme options, it can get overwhelming. However, the most challenging part is deciding what theme to follow. Check out some baby shower themes guaranteed to evoke joy on the special day.

Teddy Bear Theme 

A teddy bear theme baby shower is perfect for soon-to-be parents trying to keep the party gender-neutral. Incorporating neutral colors adds cohesiveness to the decorations. Fun-sized bear props can be placed on desserts in goodie bags and across party invitations. If you are also thinking about having a photo booth, it can feature a stuffed bear for the backdrop and in the banner of the printed or digital photo.

Walt Disney Theme

You can never go wrong with using a Disney movie or show as a baby shower theme. In addition to the endless suggestions, knowing that many are kid and baby-friendly takes off added pressure. Disney’s content catalog represents both genders, whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Classics, like “The Princess and the Frog,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Cars,” “Winnie the Pooh” and “Toy Story” are a few starting points when deciding where to begin.

Boho Chic Theme 

There are various routes to take with this free-spirited baby shower theme. You can go all out or meet somewhere in the middle when searching for decorations. Earth-tone colors, like tan, beige, burnt orange and others, make this theme easy to maneuver. It also creates a relaxing and calming environment. Other elements, such as feathers, plants, garland decor and more, help to execute this chic, earthy vision.