Are you on a strict budget? No need to fret, as we have you covered with five must-have tips and tricks to look and feel expensive despite your current pocket status. 

Our budgets are a great way to not only save money, but can also help change our mindset surrounding our buying habits, which can further serve to help create more healthier routes when it comes to our spending. You don’t have to buy this season’s latest Birkin bag in order to look expensive or to “be relevant,” – here’s how. 

Always have a structured statement piece 

Structured statements are a great way to look expensive when you’re on a budget. Whether it’s a cute bag or a statement  jacket, looking expensive doesn't always have to be bright and flashy. 

Logos are no gos

Wearing a logo here and there can be nice when it comes to showing off a brand, however, if you’re on a tight budget logos are the best way to give yourself away. Try wearing more classic colors without a brand logo. Beiges and blacks are a few great colors that can accentuate your outfit palette in a “not so expensive way,” however, look very classy to the naked eye. 

Wear a pair of sunglasses 

We’re summoning our inner Usher vibes this 2022, and unapologetically. Sunglasses are a great way to look expensive and can be paired with off pretty much anything. 

Try cinching your waist with a belt 

Whether cinching an oversized jacket or sweater, this 100 year old tradition is a notable way to look and even feel expensive. Try opting in for either leather or satin materials that look pricey and feel amazing. 

Top it off with a blazer 

Blazers are great for dressing up outfits, even if you’re wearing a pair of sweats. Blazers give off millionaire vibes and can be perfect for garnering your inner boss woman. 

With these five must try tips and tricks, rest assured that you can give off multi-millionaire vibes with as little as $30 in your bank account.