Black women can transform their look at the drop of a hat (or satin bonnet, more accurately). From box braids to twist outs, there are endless amounts of styles we don our crowns with on the regular. However, as the mass media slowly yet surely works towards celebrating rather than just tolerating black hair, it can be pretty hard to feel as included in the latest hair trends. Not every suddenly-popularized style takes into account the volume of black hair, or the complexity of dealing with braids, locs, and twists.

One of the latest trends making a reemergence just so happens to be styling with a bandana. All the rage in the ‘80s and ‘90s, they’re not only a quick fix if your hair needs to look last minute presentable, but they also add a ton of character to any outfit. If you’ve been wanting to jump on the trend but don’t know where to start, here are some bandana hairstyles that are black hair friendly and totally flawless

High Fro Pony

@isasnovaes / Instagram

Nothing completes a gorgeous high fro pony quite like this tied bandana style, which will also keep any fly-aways tucked in. Efficient and beautiful, the secret here is to tie your bandana from the back of the neck upwards. Pair with a snatched brow, lined lip, and you’re ready to go.

Mysteriously Chic

@imaanhammam / Instagram

This incognito bandana hairstyle screams allure and mystery. Accompanied with a trendy pair of sunglasses and sun-kissed skin, no one will know where you’re coming, nor where you’re going, but that you were gorgeous along the way. Depending on your head shape, consider investing in an XL bandana when executing this “Gone Girl” look.

Farm Fresh

@georgiakillick / Instagram

Pulling your bandana a bit back and letting it hover just a centimeter above the scalp is the ultimate farm girl look. Most of the focus will be on your face or accompanied statement earrings, disguising any curls that may be in need of a wash day.  

Totally ‘90s 

@sevyn / Instagram

If you’ve got a fresh silk press, it’s imperative that you try out this look. Rocking your bandana ‘90s style to make Aaliyah proud is the true black girl agenda, and if you really want to commit to the bit, there are plenty of throwback accessories to incorporate, like rectangular sunglasses and bangle hoops. Pager and young Usher not included.

Lay The Edges

@maysabrhnu / Instagram

With all of the responsibilities of the modern day, sometimes, the only thing you can commit to slaying is your edges. If the rest of your hair isn’t up to par at the moment, there’s no need to run and find the emergency dry shampoo! Wrapping it all up in your bandana like this style here is a chic quick fix.

Oh So Elegant

@danahenryy / Instagram

When it comes to bandana hairstyles, it doesn’t get any more high fashion than tying it around the front bottom of your face. Nothing says sophistication quite like this transatlantic look, up-leveling any outfit in question. If you’ve got a vacation coming up, pack a few bandanas and make this style your statement piece.

Badu Inspired

@sisiidtm // TikTok

If you’ve got a big enough bandana to work with, stuffing in your entire head of plaits while only allowing your side part to escape is nothing short of regal. There are plenty of oversized bandanas you can buy, and they can even double as a top.

Statement Color

@haiijacyy / Instagram

Accentuate your curls by letting your bandana get lost in them, folding it up and tying it up towards the front middle of your crown. It’s an easy way to jazz up a messy bun, and you can even choose a statement color to compliment your outfit.

Braid Bang

@thelifeofdebb / Instagram

Want to try out a bang in the near future, but don’t want to risk the chop? Securing your bandana behind a braid bang swoop is a cute look and noncommittal look. You can also part your braids down the middle and have them swoop on either side, channeling your inner Brigitte Bardot.

Face Framing

@jequania / Instagram

From 3b to 4c curls, styling your bandana to accentuate two face-framing pieces is a quick and easy serve. As long as your curls are detangled and moisturized, any kind of coil can elevate this look.

Front Tied

@emilia_salomon / Instagram

While some may think that tying a bandana to the front is a little too Tupac reminiscent, it’s all about the way you do it. This look right here is the perfect example of how to execute, finding a bandana with a bold, intricate design, tying it loosely to the side.

Try Them Out

The moral of the story is to never get discouraged when you see a trend emerging and don’t know if you fit the criteria. As society’s core trendsetters, black girls can innovate and up-level anything we put our hands on, so try on some of these bandana hairstyles for your next outing and blind the world with your shine.