Dealing with dark spots and hyperpigmentation can be exhausting. But dealing with melasma can be even more challenging. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, melasma is characterized as a skin condition marked by “brown or blue-gray patches or freckle-like spots.” It occurs due to the overproduction of cells that make color in the skin, and it usually fades after a few months.

Although the presence of melasma can be common and harmless, board certified dermatologist, Shereene Idriss, told Allure that it can take “some work” to keep the skin looking as even as possible. 

Dr. Idriss recommends putting together a skincare regimen that consists of glycolic acid, vitamin C, tranexamic acid, and alpha-arbutin to address it. 

Check out the best products we’ve found!

SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum


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This serum by SkinMedica is “formulated to address even the most stubborn skin discoloration, regardless of skin type or genetic makeup.” Improvements in the skin’s appearance can be seen in as little as two weeks, with full results coming in at 12 weeks and beyond.

It’s free of hydroquinone, retinols, and parabens. And is also fragrance-free and noncomedogenic.

Beauty Stat Universal C Skin Refiner


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This vitamin C enhanced Skin Refiner is the world’s “first 20% vitamin C serum” which also contains a stabilized form of L-ascorbic acid. It promises to deliver quick results by fading dark spots, brightening complexion, tightening and firming the skin, smoothing texture and more!

Paula’s Choice Clinical Discoloration Repair Serum with Tranexamic Acid

We’ve definitely told you about this serum once before – it’s perfect for combatting dark spots, minimizing the appearance of melasma patches, and improving the skin’s natural tone and texture!

Hyper Skin Fade And Glow AHA Mask


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This mask is definitely a fan favorite of the Hyper Skin brand! It pairs AHAs with glycolic acid, as well as mandelic acid, and works to relieve congested pores, brighten skin and fade stubborn discoloration.