Our nails say a lot about us. You’ll always notice what kind of mani someone has got going on, whether it’s loud and boisterous, quiet and classy or totally natural. Whatever lane you find yourself in, we all fall victim to the trends of the moment, hypnotized by whatever craze has everyone rushing to book at their go-to salon. So, what’s the latest trend? 

With the success of the 2023 cinematic blockbuster “Barbie,” we’re reminded of how iconic the entire Barbiecore aesthetic is, and what better way to appease our inner child than by getting Barbie pink nails! It immediately says “I’m a girl’s girl, I’m confident and I’m down for a slumber party at a moment’s notice.” There are so many ways to execute this fun, flirty and feminine look, so let’s get into some inspo and see which suits you best for your next nail appointment.

V-Day Coded

@amyguynailartist / Instagram

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or you’re just celebrating the everlasting joy of love, this look is playful and absolutely adorable. Pair with a ballerina shape and it’s hard to pick a favorite nail!

Keep It Simple

@corrinnabiance / Instagram

This French mani look is easy and simple, yet it doesn’t sacrifice getting to participate in all the Barbie pink nail fun! Gel manicures can be a much more efficient choice than longer acrylics, and with plenty of non-damaging options, it’s a go-to for the girls who want to keep it more subtle while still having fun.

Nail Gems Galore

@nails.by.zuzu / Instagram

With diamond nails being all the rave these days, it’s hard to resist incorporating gems into your next set. While it may be intimidating, looks like this don’t mean you have to sacrifice your nail beds to be brittle and unhealthy! With proper care and maintenance, you can make a statement and still take care of your natural nail.

Renaissance Meets Barbie

@dolls.nailsfr / Instagram

The only event that was just as big as “Barbie” this year was Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour, which inspired fans and celebrities alike to show up in their best chrome drenched outfits. While the tour is (devastatingly) coming to a close, it doesn’t mean the silver looks need to end, too!

Glitz And Glam

@cinhnails / Instagram

Does it get any more whimsical than these nails right here? This is Barbie meets woodland fairy, and we are all for it. The glitter and diamond gems uplevel this look effortlessly, delivering a clean look that’s also neck-turning.

Totally Hardcore

@kimchisnails / Instagram

Just because we’re doing Barbie pink nails doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice being hardcore. Honor the balance of your  inner masculine and your feminine with a nail look like this, which says “I’m at the salon to get my nails done, but I’ll be leaving on my motorcycle.” 

Long And Dazzling

@terona.glam / Instagram

Listen, if we’re going to go pink, let’s just go all out. While this length may not be the most practical, we don’t get our nails done to be better at chores! We get them to express ourselves and make a statement, and that’s exactly what this Barbie pink nail look accomplishes.

Pearly Pink

@alicemcnails / Instagram

These pearly pink nails are stunning, plus with an added sparkle design, you can’t help but fall totally in love with this look! Incorporating a rounded tip makes you need to see this set holding onto a clutch bag, the perfect nails to accessorize any outfit.

The Wider, The Better

@theenailartiste / Instagram

With the duck nail trend going viral, getting wider nails is certainly in style. While it can be intimidating, it’s also a look that’s a lot of fun, and will only further emphasis whatever design or style you choose to go with.

Feminine And Fierce

@chi_ray / Instagram

You could poke a hole through a cement wall with these nails, and that’s exactly what makes them so exciting! Go full pointed tip with this highlighter pink look and we guarantee that no one will forget your first impression. Barbie would certainly value being a little cute and a little scary all at once, because that’s just what true girlhood is.

Princess Treatment

@shabely.nails / Instagram

A nail look like this says I deserve nothing less than the princess treatment, and rightfully so! Who could dare say no to you when you’ve got diamonds, barbie pink nail tips, and length for days? Snatch this look and demand lavender scented warm towels and front row parking spots.

All The Way Barbie

@naileditbeauty / Instagram

And finally, why not fully commit and go all the way on theme? Barbie would most certainly approve of this honorable look, plus, the turquoise blue couldn’t be any more complimentary!

What Will Be Your Next Nail Look?

Feeling inspired? Barbie pink nails can be gently feminine, raging hardcore, and anywhere in between, so there’s certainly something for everyone. After all, this is an inclusive trend that celebrates the revolution of fashion, self-expression and the miracle of womanhood!