Now that the summer is right around the corner, many women look for ways to get that sun kissed look before they even step on the beach. The option to self tan has always been around for white women, but did you know the Black girls are getting in on this beauty hack too? Although some may have known about the benefits of self tanning darker skin, TikTok has gotten a hold of the trend and is running away with it.

The idea behind self tanner for Black girls is to even out skin tone. It also adds a beautiful golden glow to your skin! It may only be temporary but handy when you want your skin to shine bright like a diamond within a few hours.

You can pick up some self tanner in your shade at your local Target or Ulta Beauty.

 Bondi Sands Aero Self Tanning Foam is a brand many users have shown results from on the app but you can also buy less expensive brands such as Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse or L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self Tanner.

Check out some of the jaw dropping results!

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