One of the most aggravating situations is going to your braider only to find out that they’re out of your favorite hair color. Well, there’s an easy solution. Bring your own hair! 

When you bring your own bundles you can make sure that you’re getting the exact color and length you want for your knotless braids with no compromises. Plus, if your braider charges extra for hair, you could save some serious cash by bringing your bundles with you.

When you’re scouring the web for a bundle to buy, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. Your knotless braids need to last for weeks on end and your scalp shouldn’t be irritated by the hair you bring.

Natural or synthetic?

Licensed cosmetologist and founder of Allure Wigs Tamika Scriven told 21Ninety that she prefers synthetic hair for braiding.

“It suits the majority (in terms of skin allergies) and works well with coarse hair types,” the licensed cosmetologist explained. “Also, synthetic fibers are resistant to humidity, which can make for a lasting style.”

When you go to your braider, you might think that one brand of synthetic hair lasts longer than another. But, in actuality, Scriven mentioned that the lasting power of your style depends on how you maintain it along with how fast your new growth comes in. 


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Get ready for your waist-length braiding appointment with the X-Pression 82 Inch Ultra Braid. A favorite of several professional hairstylists. It comes in a pack of six. 

Plus, it’s 100 percent kanekalon. All you have to do is choose between one of two classic colors: 1 and 1B.

Supreme Hair

Another great synthetic option is Supreme Hair 48 Inch Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair. The 100 percent kanekalon hair comes in an unfolded six pack. Each bundle is pre-cut and pre-combed to help speed up the installation process. 

It’s safe to use with hot water, tangle-resistant, and easy to brush. Plus, it’s lightweight. Best of all, it comes in 16 neutral and colorful options.


Ayana’s 24 Inch Crochet Medium Box Braids truly make time fly during your appointment. The 100 percent kanekalon synthetic hair is already braided for you. And, it comes in a pack of seven. 

These lightweight braids are easy to crochet, lightweight, and don’t have a dizzying chemical smell. Plus, you can use hot water with this hair. It’s available in seven colors, including a vibrant red. 


Difunee’s 24 Inch Pre-stretched Braiding Hair comes in a pack of eight. That way, you don’t have to worry about having enough bundles. 

These extensions are made with soft yaki-texured synthetic hair. Meaning your braids will be smooth-to-the-touch, lightweight, tangle-resistant, sweat-resistant, and don’t have a chemical smell. Plus, the pre-stretched hair can be used with hot water. 

Shop 18 color choices, ranging from neutrals to pinks, purples, blues, and reds.


If you prefer a boho style braid, Dansama’s 18 Inch Crochet Passion Twist Hair is the one to add to your online cart. The kanekalon extensions are supple, lightweight, and long lasting. Additionally, they’re itch- and tangle-resistant. 

Six packs of hair are included with your purchase along with a crochet needle, six colorful beads, and two duckbill clips. With this whole package you can take the hair to your braider, or follow the included tutorial to install the hair at home.


Sensationnel’s 58 Inch X-pression Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair is meant to keep you safe from the heat. The 100 percent kanekalon hair can be used with hot water. And, it’s fireproof. 

Give these soft extensions a try in one of the three available neutral colors. Then, return to the product page to grab the other dozen colorful options before they sell out again.

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