You might be overdue for a loc detox. Although the concept of any detox may seem straightforward—a method for extracting and rejuvenating—the additional step for locs adds complexity. For locs that have been interwoven for extended periods, a multi-step washing and detox method is essential to eliminate buildup, dander, smoke, and other residues from your hair. However, for those with curly, coily, or type 4 hair, it’s crucial to prioritize hair care that restores moisture to maintain hair integrity and prioritize growth.

What Is the Proper Way to Detox Locs?

Detoxing your locs involves a thorough cleansing process to rid them of buildup, residue, and impurities. It starts with gathering essential supplies like clarifying shampoo, apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse, deep conditioner, and a clean towel or T-shirt. Once you wet your locs with warm water, you apply the clarifying shampoo, ensuring it reaches your scalp and the lengths of your locs. Massaging it gently helps remove buildup effectively. After rinsing out the shampoo, you apply the ACV rinse. Focus on the scalp and lengths during this step, leaving the ACV in for a few minutes before rinsing again. Following this, a deep conditioner is applied. Cover each loc fully and let sit for the recommended time. Once rinsed, gently towel-dry your hair and allow it to air dry. Alternatively you can use a drier on the lowest heat setting. Maintaining regular cleansing and conditioning routines helps keep your locs healthy and buildup-free in the future.

Best Loc Detox Kit

Love Locs Detox Essential Kit with Apple Cider Vinegar For Dreadlocks

The Love Locs Detox Essential Kit with Apple Cider Vinegar For Dreadlocks is considered the best loc detox kit. It offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for locs. Apple cider vinegar is a key ingredient known for its ability to effectively remove buildup and residue from locs without stripping them of moisture or natural oils. This kit provides everything needed for a thorough detox. It ensures that locs are left clean, refreshed, and rejuvenated without the hassle of a trip to a loctician.

Best Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

G+H CLEAR+ Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

This rinse is made of a minty fresh formula sure to leave your scalp feeling new. The G+H CLEAR+ Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is formulated with high-quality apple cider vinegar. This rinse effectively removes buildup, restores the scalp’s natural pH balance, and leaves the hair feeling clean and refreshed without causing dryness or irritation.

Best Shampoo and Conditioner

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner Set Sulfate Free

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner Set Sulfate-Free is wash and go combo needed to follow up a detox. Sulfate-free formulas are gentle on locs, preventing dryness and breakage while effectively cleansing and conditioning the hair.

Best Loc Detox Tub

CIRCA AIR Inflatable Sink For Locs

Tired of breaking your neck everytime you want to wash your hair? This inflatable and portable tub is specifically designed to accommodate locs. It provides ample space for soaking and cleansing with easy use. Its inflatable design makes it easy to set up and store, making it a practical solution for at-home loc care routines.

Best Post Loc Recovery Oil

Dr Locs Yaya Oil (8oz)

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Dr Locs

With all of the detoxing, stripping, and cleansing your locs are going to be parched. Moisturized, healthy, and clean locs should always be the end product. Formulated with natural ingredients, including essential oils and herbs, this oil helps to hydrate, strengthen, and promote healthy locs. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the hair and scalp. The oil leaves locs feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. And, always a plus, it’s a small Black owned business.

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