Finding the perfect nipple covers for a night out shouldn’t be a hassle, especially if you’re looking for shades that match darker skin tones. Light beige options are everywhere, but what about people with richer skin tones?

Here’s a quick guide to finding options that blend seamlessly, so you can focus on having a fabulous night out without any wardrobe worries.

What are Nipple Covers?

Nipple covers, also known as pasties, are adhesive patches worn to conceal the nipples under sheer or form-fitting clothing. They provide a smooth, seamless look without the need for a bra, ensuring comfort and confidence in any outfit. However, for so long, like band-aids, they have only come in one color: beige. Now, thanks to Black innovation, there’s an array of other shades and tones available for purchase.

Best Hypoallergenic

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Coverups, Hypoallergenic

These are perfect for sensitive skin. These nipple covers stay put without causing irritation. The tan shade blends beautifully for a seamless, natural look.

Best Waterproof

PRETTYWELL Brown Nipple Covers for Women

Rain or shine, these waterproof wonders keep you covered. They’re perfect for pool parties or humid nights out. These covers are the perfect for when you don’t want to pause your fun night to readjust them every hour in the bathroom.

Best No Show

Fashionkilla Adhesive Pack

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Asos

These ultra-thin nipple covers disappear under any outfit. They’re the secret weapon for a smooth, invisible finish.

Best No-Feeling

Kie Skin Luxury

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Kie Skin

These covers are so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. These luxury covers provide invisible support without any discomfort for any size, any shape and any color.

Best Dark Toned


Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Niche-Beauty

Designed for melanin-rich skin, these reusable covers blend perfectly. They offer seamless coverage and can be used multiple times.

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