Miranda Priestly’s famous, “florals for spring, groundbreaking,” line has lived rent free in the heads of many since she uttered that cutting phrase in “The Devil Wears Prada.” While spring florals may feel ultra-predictable, it is admittedly challenging to dress in season and avoid the popular pattern. In fact, florals for spring are quite expected and often leave fashion lovers reluctant to experiment with other patterns, colors, and prints. While not easy, being more adventurous can be rewarding. It just takes tuning in to the true meaning of spring. Yes, spring represents a time of blossoming, hence the floral trend, but there are other themes of transformation and turning anew.

Why Not Florals?

Simply put, floral patterns are just too predictable. With today’s age of innovation and young designers running small businesses, it’s best to support and reach towards sustainability and new age designs. Of course, having a staple floral dress that you can pull out every spring, is a must. Still, trying out new styles and patterns will help you expand and hone in on your personal style.

Below, 21Ninety has rounded up 6 of the best non-floral spring dresses.

Best Maxi Dress

Frankies Bikinis Dakota Rayon Maxi Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Frankies Bikinis

Even if you’re not running through a field of flowers, you should still feel like you are with this Frankies Bikinis Dakota Rayon Maxi Dress. The long, flowy, and loose-fitting dress with white lace trim and cutouts is a dress that should solely be reserved for picking flowers, strawberries, baking Nara Smith style, and other cottagecore activities.

Best Satin Dress

Wilfred Magdalena Satin Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Aritzia

A satin dress is the perfect spring dress. They usually come in an array of colors that are super flattering and skin tone suiting for everyone. You’re also able to dress up a satin dress with a pair of heels or dress it down with a cardigan and sneakers.

Best Dress with Bows

Kimchi Blue Violetta Eyelet Strapless Mini Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Ever since the coquette trend has emerged, bows are inescapable. Whether that be in your hair or on your sweater. Now you can wear them on your dress. If you’re looking for a step up from casual yet something youthful and girly, then this strapless bow dress might just be the spring staple you’re searching for.

Best Patterned Dress

Miaou x Paloma Elsesser Ginger Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Revolve

As the weather gets warmer, the draw to show a bit more skin is strong. What better way than with a mini dress that’s bursting with pattern and color? It altered by “it” girl and model Paloma Elsesser for inclusive sizing. Plus, the mesh and mix-and-matched patterns on the dress provide more freedom and room to explore and experiment with your style.

Best Casual Dress

Mango Knit cotton-blend dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Mango

The best part of spring is the feeling of shedding the heaviness of winter and embracing the lightness of the new season, even if that means shedding layers of clothes too. There’s no better feeling than slipping on a dress without worrying about what jacket, tights, and coat will pair well with it. With the Mango Knit Cotton Blend Dress, the soft cotton material makes this a breathable and easy-to-wear dress for those casual days.

Best Mini Dress

Frankies Swift Tennis Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Frankies Bikinis

Amidst the tennis-core trend, tennis dresses take the spotlight. Not only is this dress super sporty and accommodating to the multitude of springtime activities that are sure to ensue, but it can also be dressed up with a heel for a nighttime look.

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