In the ever-evolving landscape of microtrends, two seemingly disparate worlds are colliding: the sensual style of Bayonetta and the sleek, professional allure of the office siren. Whether you’re navigating the life in the c-suite or charting your own path beyond the confines of a traditional office environments, these trends are rising up and taking over. There’s no better way to embody this dynamic fusion than through the subtle accessory of non-prescription seeing glasses.

Serving as both a statement piece and a functional addition to any ensemble, these glasses offer a perfect canvas to showcase the essence of Bayonetta and the sophisticated charm of the office siren, transcending boundaries and igniting a new era of sartorial expression.

What is an “Office Siren”?

An “office siren” typically refers to a person, often a woman, who exudes confidence, professionalism and allure in the workplace. The term “siren” traditionally refers to a seductive or captivating woman. In the context of the office, it implies someone who commands attention and admiration through their charisma, style, and competence in the workplace.

Best Oversize Shaped Glasses

Glasses USA x Marsai Martin Amelia E. Mae

Photo Courtesy of GlassesUSA

Designed in collaboration with actress Marsai Martin, these glasses channel a studious look with their oversized frames and flattering shape. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, they offer both fashion-forward flair with the clear frames and practicality.

Best Pack of Glasses

REAVEE 2 Pack Retro Designer Half Moon Reading Glasses

For those who love variety without compromising on style, the REAVEE 2 Pack Retro Designer Half Moon Reading Glasses is the ultimate choice for those who want to switch it up everyday. This non-prescription seeing glasses pack includes two pairs featuring a retro-inspired half-moon design that exudes a classic charm.

Best Y2K glasses

SIPHEW Fashion Y2k Fake Glasses for Women

Channeling the iconic style of the early aughts, as seen on the likes of Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé, the SIPHEW Fashion Y2k Fake Glasses for Women capture the essence of Y2K fashion. The non-prescription seeing glasses have a sleek and futuristic design. They feature bold frames and a playful aesthetic, perfectly complementing modern trends while paying homage to the Y2K era.

Best Black-owned Glasses

SWAV The Doer

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: SWAV

The Doer collection features sleek and minimalist designs that combine fashion-forward aesthetics with practical functionality. These non-prescription seeing glasses are the go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts of all backgrounds. With the added bonus that they are Black-owned, these should be your first pick.

Best Blue Light Framed Glasses

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Y2K slim spectacle with blue light lens in blue

These glasses feature a slim and sleek design with blue light lenses that help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to screens. Made from reclaimed vintage materials, they offer a sustainable and eco-friendly option for fashion-conscious consumers.

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