Pilates has taken over the ‘girlies’ lives, and no one was prepared for it. Following Lori Harvey’s viral moment, there has been an influx of fitness and pilates enthusiasts. While it was a fitness trend of the past, it has truly become a lifestyle and fashion choice of the moment. From pink tights to leotards, here are the best pilates essentials to shop.

What is a Pilates Princess?

A pilates princess is someone dedicated to pilates and often adds a feminine touch to the routine or practice. The evolution of pilates as a trend is evident on TikTok, with an abundance of girly workout clothes, pre-Pilates smoothies and pink-everything.

Best Leotard

OQQ Women Short Sleeve Rompers

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Amazon

Cut your search time in half for a cute gym or pilates outfit and opt for a leotard instead. Leotards and rompers are hugely popular within pilates for their stretchiness and ease of wear. Leotards act as a center piece for your outfit and are easy to dress up or down with pink tights and bolero.

Best Pilates Socks

Diu Life Grip Pilates Socks Yoga Socks

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To prevent slipping during this strenuous workout, it’s best to invest in pilates socks. Their grip makes them non-slip and protects your skin from used equipment. Studios often require you to purchase overpriced socks, so opting for a variety pack is a smarter choice.

Best Water bottle

Stanley 40oz Stainless Steel H2.0 FlowState Quencher Tumbler

Staying hydrated is crucial during any workout, especially during an exhaustive one like pilates. The Stanley Cup is particularly praised because it keeps your drinks cold for up to 11 hours and holds 24 ounces.

Best Pilates Essential Kit

BetterMe Pilates Essential Kit

Photo Courtesy of BetterMe

This pilates kit is not only pink, but also includes everything you need for your introduction to Pilates if you’re working out from home. Whether you’re doing reformer Pilates or simply exercising at home, it’s best to be prepared. This kit comes with weight balls, resistance bands, Pilates socks, and much more, making your journey to becoming a pilates princess so much easier.

Best Leggings

Zella Studio Luxe High Waist Pocket 7/8 Leggings

In Pilates, you never want to wear something too low-waisted or basically falling off. It’s all about comfort, so breathable and stretchy leggings are best for low-impact workouts. Leggings, especially pink ones, are especially great if you’re not a fan of wearing shorts to workouts.

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