Innovators have just granted breast pumps, the huge, loud and uncomfortable machines that extract milk from lactating mothers, an upgrade. While there were a few controversial years when public breastfeeding was a topic of debate and considered taboo, portable breast pumps became the popular mouth-to-nipple replacement. Sleek, quiet, and invisible portable breast pumps are surely becoming more wearable.

Why Should Mothers Invest In A Portable Breast Pump?

Developed as a solution to the inconvenience of wires and bulky machinery, portable breast pumps accommodate the work-life balance of modern mothers. While portable breast pumps may not be perfect yet, their sleek, custom-made nipple designs certainly represent an upgrade.

Life with a baby is busy. New mothers have plenty of other things to do. They cannot be anchored to the cumbersome pumping process. With the demands of caring for a baby or simply needing rest, a portable breast pump can be a lifesaver, especially if you find the pumping experience unpleasant. While some portable pumps may be on the pricier side, insurance companies sometimes cover the cost.

Best Compact Pump

MEDELA Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

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The Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump is not only extremely lightweight, but also small enough to fit in your pocket or a small purse. This breast pump is for moms on-the-go, as it is compact and rechargeable. This breast pump features essential elements, including overflow protection. It also comes with a carry bag to collect and store your breast milk, keeping it fresher for longer.

Along with its manual features, this compact pump is digitally advanced and compatible with the MyMedela app to time pumping sessions. The app also tracks the settings you’ve used and records how much breast milk you’ve pumped.

Best Wireless Beast Pump

Elvie Stride

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Elvie

Noted as one of Time’s Top 100 Inventions of 2021, moms trust this wireless double-cupped breast pump. It is completely hands-free and wireless and is hospital-grade. The portable breast pump has 10 intensity settings and comfort levels. Similar to Medela pumps, the Elvie Stride is app-connected and extremely lightweight, weighing less than 5 oz. These compact pumps have accessibility and inclusivity in mind. They are dishwasher safe, hands-free and tailored for each fluctuating body.

Best Handsfree Pump

Target Medela Hands-free Collection Cups

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Target

The Medela Hands-Free collection comes in at a whopping 2.7 oz, making it the lightest mobile breast pump listed. The lightweight cups fit comfortably and look natural under clothing. Despite its small size, each cup holds up to 5 oz. of breast milk. These versatile cups are compatible with the Medela Freestyle Flex, Pump in Style with MaxFlow, and Swing Maxi Breast Pumps.

Best Discreet Pump

Lansinoh Discreet Duo Wearable Pump

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Lansinoh

Mothers often discuss the noise-free and portable features of mobile pumps. Mothers cannot overstate the truth behind the sentiment. The discreet nature to be able to pump in public is unmatched. The Lansinoh Discreet Duo is a tube-free, wire-free pump that is ultra-silent and compact, making it appear as if you are not wearing cups under your shirt at all.

Best No Noise Pump

Mon Lai Pump

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Mon Lait

The Mon Lait Pump operates at approximately 30 dB, effectively silencing the noise of standard run-of-the-mill pumps. This allows you to pump peacefully anywhere, without needing to worry about finding a discreet location. The pump remains in stealth mode, ensuring you can pump without the need to sneak around.

Best Versatile Pump

Freemie Liberty II Hands-Free Wearable Breast Pump

Although portable pumps can seem quite simplistic, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck, especially considering that portable breast pumps can be expensive. The Freemie Liberty II Hands-Free Wearable Breast Pump offers two pump sizes and over 7 features, including an LCD screen, sleep timer, auto shutoff, 3 memory settings, rechargeable via USB, and independent suction and cycle settings.

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