Online dating has changed the way that we seek flings and partnership forever. You no longer need to meet someone in person and muster up the courage to say something that will stop them in their tracks. Direct messaging someone you’ve already matched with eliminates a lot of the selection process, and it would seem that this makes things easier, right? Partially.

There’s still a lot off pressure to impress someone who has caught your interest. And if you’re on Tinder specifically, the quicker you move, the better. This app tends to be the more direct of the bunch when it comes to hanging out and seeing where things go. Whatever you want out of the experience, feel free to be forward with that as early as the first message.

Wondering how to frame it? We got you! Here’s our list of best Tinder openers.

The Best Tinder Openers

Not knowing what to say can be anxiety-inducing. It’s already enough that you’re putting yourself out there. Here’s how to get through the next step. Surprisingly, it has less to do with you and more to do with your crush. Go through their profile, take a look at their bio, the answers to their prompts and the photos that they’ve posted. There lies a plethora of material for your best Tinder opener yet. If they’re into thrifting, you could say something related to that whether it’s wanting to thrift with them or them being the best thrift find. Here are some interest-centered openers:

  • “OMG, you went to [insert location]? I need to hear all about it.”
  • “Big chef, I see! What’s your favorite dish to cook?”
  • “Always down for tacos and tequila too. What’s your fave place?”
  • “You play tennis, huh? I think I could take you.”
  • “Where did you go camping? It looks gorgeous!”

Shooting your shot does require paying attention, but it’s not as stressful or impersonal as you think!

Envision The Convo Happening In-Person 

Maybe you’re not super fond of the online aspect of modern dating, but it’s increased your access to potential picks and allows you to engage at your leisure. Those are perks worthy of giving it a real shot. So, if the empty direct message conversation is giving you the heebs, imagine you’re out with them, running into them on the street or at a coffee shop. What would you say to them in-person? That can flow here too! And using your imagination in this way could lead to a more authentic, free-flowing conversation. Let your mind run free. Dating isn’t about being perfect. It’s about presenting your true self in the best way possible. Want some inspo? Look no further:

  • “Wait, did you just come from [insert location]? I love it there.”
  • “I hate small talk too. Should we skip it and just grab drinks?”
  • “Oh, so you think you can beat me at [insert name of game]? Ready to prove that?”
  • “What are you reading right now? Anything good?”
  • “Sending TikToks is my love language too, ha. Send your favorite!”

Funny and Interesting Tinder Openers

Listen, you already matched with them! Most of the work is done. Next, it’s about you being you. Whether they respond or plan next steps is up to them, but it’s no reflection on your self-worth. You’re amazing! That being said, your openers need to be authentic to you. Sure, their interests matter and being able to be present in the moment does too. Still, you can incorporate your personality into it; that’s part of the fun. Even if that’s more straight-forward or low-key than anything else, the right match will appreciate that; however temporary or permanent the connection. Reference these Tinder openers and see what you come up with: 

  • I see that you’re a true-crime junkie; what would be your death-row meal?
  • What’s your go-to Chipotle order? Opening up my Notes tab right now to save it.
  • If you could only listen to one artist the rest of your life, who are you choosing?
  • Wow, you didn’t have to show off your cute [insert thing] in order to get me to match with you, but it definitely helps.
  • Based on your profile, you seem super adventurous. What’s the wildest thing you’ve done in the last year?

Spicy Tinder Openers

And maybe keeping this in mind will help things to feel less intense? Your best Tinder openers are meant to be fun while flexing an attention-to-detail. A few messages in a consistent rhythm is permission to shoot them your number and move forward off of the app. Once you’re in their phone, and they’re in yours, you can really turn the charm on as a reward to yourself ofcourse. You’ve perused their profile and gathered some details. After stepping out on confidence, you sent the first (or responded to the first) message even if it took some fantasizing and pretending. And, after giving them a glimpse of who you are, you got the digits! 

This may or may not be the perfect moment to crack a corny joke that speaks to the hilarity of the whole situation. And maybe they’ll see your desire to make them laugh as a kindness. If that’s your shtick, here are some of the best (corny) Tinder openers for you to try: 

  • If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as cute as you, I’d have five cents.
  • Could you possibly get me a glass of water? I’m suddenly really thirsty.
  • Look, I’ve been blinded by your beauty. My insurance company is going to need your name and number.
  • Your eyes are like Ikea. I’m totally lost in them.
  • I think I’ve seen you in a book somewhere. It was really fine print.

Remember to have fun! Be safe and be yourself. Wishing you a memorable and enjoyable experience with our best Tinder openers!