BeyHive! Do you hear that buzzing? That’s the sound of everyone and their mother heading over to Amazon to shop the latest from Queen B herself. Beyoncé and Amazon Music have just dropped round two of the Renaissance World Tour merch collection.

The Amazon-exclusive drop includes four new t-shirt designs and a 16-piece sticker pack. Plus, there are still items from the first drop that are up for sale. That includes her RENAISSANCE Explicit Lyrics Deluxe Edition LP.

Alien Superstar T-Shirt

Embody that you are indeed the main character while wearing Beyoncé’s Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Alien Superstar T-Shirt. Unisex sizes small to 4X-Large are available.

The front of this black shirt features a small green rocket ship with RWT2023 under it. RWT2023 stands for Renaissance World Tour 2023. This simple detail is located on the front left of the shirt where you’d usually find a pocket. 

But, the back of this shirt is where you let the world know that you are the alien superstar! A magazine quality image runs from just below the shoulder line to just above the bottom hem. 

The green image boasts Beyoncé – or Sasha Fierce – powerfully standing on top of a rocket ship. Above the Grammy-winner’s head is an all-caps ALIEN title with a not-so-subtle “Sold Out” in the lower corner.  

Sticker Pack

Beyoncé’s Official Renaissance World Tour Sticker Pack contains 16 images of Blue Ivy’s mother posing in a variety of themed outfits. Each photo corresponds to a song on the renaissance album. 

You can even find the same images used for the new shirts among the stickers. More importantly, each of these stickers are made of waterproof vinyl. So, stick them wherever you want to show off your love of Beyoncé.

Virgos Groove T-Shirt

Beyoncé’s Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Virgos Groove T-Shirt features a purple pearl delicately sitting in its shell on the upper left side of the shirt. This logo also has the RWT2023 printed underneath in purple.

Virgo’s Groove is printed in a vivacious purple script. Underneath Beyoncé is framed in a purple oval. The music mogul wears a metal-accented cone bra while striking a glamorous pose. 

At the bottom, the purple clam reappears in the middle of two phrases. On the left is “Beyonce Presents.” On the right, “Baby Come Over.”

Heated T-Shirt

You’re not cooling down anytime soon in Beyoncé’s Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Heated T-Shirt. This gray top also features a smaller logo detail on the front and a larger image of Beyoncé on the back. 

This time the front pocket-sized logo features a pair of hands holding a blue landline phone. It too has the RWT2023 printed underneath in the same blue. 

On the back, Beyoncé boasts a bodysuit with horns. The horns flow up from the chest to her forearms which are opened like the letter V. Above the songstress is a strongly highlighted HEATED that runs across the back of the shoulders.

Next to Beyoncé are the words “Hot! Hot! Hot!,” which appear just above a large version of the phone that’s printed on the front. 

Summer T-Shirt

Beyoncé’s Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Summer T-Shirt will have you seeing stars – including Beyoncé! On the front is, you guessed it, a small pocket-sized logo. 

This time, a black star is printed on the white t-shirt. In the middle of the star is a white horse. And, like the shirts before it, RWT2023 is printed underneath. 

On the back there are a total of 16 stars, two large and 14 small. The top right corner has the biggest star of them all, Queen B herself. 

Tapping into her Texan roots, Beyoncé rocks a white cowboy hat.

Body printed underneath Beyoncé’s head, are the words SUMMER RENAISSANCE. This unisex shirt is available in sizes small to 4X-Large.

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