Beyoncé shared a funny moment onstage while performing with her fans in Charlotte.

For the song, “Love On Top,” Queen Bey typically lets her fans sing through the key changes that go up in pitch with each new change. In between those many key changes, however, the Charlotte crowd appeared to hit a roadblock prompting Beyoncé to make an evidently confused, although incredibly funny face. When the crowd appeared to have overcome the stumbling, Beyoncè resumed hyping them up again.

The key changes during her performance of “Love On Top” have remained a crowd favorite throughout the tour’s run. During the Nashville stop of her tour in July, the crowd received praises from Beyoncé herself who was impressed with how they handled the admittedly difficult portion of the song.

All in all, these moments highlight the freedom and laid-back energy Queen Bey has brought to her Renaissance World Tour, which is said to have earned over $295.6 million so far. 

Memorable Moments

Beyoncè kickstarted the Renaissance World Tour in May 2023. The show has continued to provide memorable experiences for attendees and viral moments for those following along online. She sparked hilarious memes during her June 18 show where she appeared frustrated with her crew. She signaled, without much success, for crew members to remove a stair placed beside her.

During her last show, Beyoncé expressed support for the trans community in the middle of her show. While performing one of her highly theatrical sets which saw her floating above the stage, she left a heartwarming message for the community that she says inspired her latest album, Renaissance.

“Thank you so so very much, I love you so much. Trans is beautiful,” she said.

Her statement comes at a time when LGBTQ+ rights, especially the rights and legal protections of transgender people, have been under attack.