In the heart of the Dominican Republic, a remarkable story unfolded, one that would forever change the world of spirits. It all began on Nayana Ferguson’s husband’s birthday. He happened to propose to her that day and they talked life over tequila. Creative ideas began to flow surrounding founding her own tequila line when all of a sudden the couple looked up and saw hummingbirds fluttering nearby. A divine sign, they thought. 

Ferguson, a pancreatic and breast cancer survivor, had a passion for tequila but recognized the lack of healthier options in the market. Determined to make a difference, she and her husband, Don, began on an extraordinary journey together. They wanted to produce a tequila that not only delighted the taste buds but also allowed for a healthier approach.

Undeterred by the challenges, the Fergusons took a leap of faith and founded Anteel Tequila. This made history as they became the first Black couple to co-own a tequila company. Ferguson’s fighting spirit and Don’s unwavering support became the driving force behind their venture. Drawing inspiration from the exotic flavors of their travels, Ferguson set out to create a tequila like no other. 


Anteel Tequila Soars Off Of The Shelves

Anteel is a smooth and refreshing concoction that instantly captured the hearts of tequila aficionados. The couple’s journey however was not without obstacles.

“When I began, there was no blueprint for creating a tequila brand from the ground up” Ferguson said. “I had to learn everything for the most part on my own. We had no experience whatsoever in the spirits industry.”

With her passion, dedication, and a product that exceeded all expectations, Anteel Tequila soared to new heights. Word spread like wildfire, and quickly, the brand’s unique charm earned it recognition and accolades from prestigious competitions. Anteel was acknowledged by the San Francisco Spirits Competition, Sip Awards, and the Metro Detroit Times’ Best Tequila of Detroit.

Anteel’s success continues. As demand surges, the tequila company has witnessed exponential growth, grossing nearly a quarter of a million in sales. In a groundbreaking move, they received a significant investment from Pronghorn, a renowned brand incubator and venture firm backed by none other than Diageo, a global beverage giant.

Ferguson’s journey was not without its hurdles, but her determination and the love she poured into Anteel Tequila carried them through. The story of Anteel’s success has inspired countless others, breaking barriers of representation and sparking a new wave of diversity in the spirits industry.

For all of the women out there who want to get into the spirits business, Ferguson has some words of encouragement.

“Nothing will ever be perfect, so don’t wait for it to be perfect to launch. Create a good plan, budget, forecast, and set a date to launch and stick to it” she expressed passionately. 

Today, Anteel Tequila graces the shelves of select stores across California, Florida, Texas, Michigan, New York, Georgia, and Colorado. Ferguson’s dream became a reality, enriching the lives of tequila enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.