Trying to find plant-based period products can be an absolute pain. After clicking and scrolling for hours, you could easily end up with only a handful of companies to choose from.

To help you on your journey to finding vaginal health products that are actually beneficial to your private parts, 21Ninety is highlighting The Honey Pot Company – in celebration of Black Business Month. This brand is all about offering plant-based vaginal health products. Fifty-six (on Target’s site) to be exact.

The Honey Pot Company prides itself on its vast selection of wipes, washes, lubricants, supplements, and much more. Written on every product is the brand’s trademark phrase “made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas, because it takes one to know one.”

The Honey Pot Company’s Origin Story

Prior to developing The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice Dixon was dealing with an eight month long battle with bacterial vaginosis. Over the course of the eight months she tried several professionally recommended solutions with no luck. 

Then, one night an ancestor appeared in a dream of hers, telling her to create her own solution – detailing which ingredients to use, too. From there Dixon established The Honey Pot Company in 2014 with the mission to provide plant-derived vaginal wellness products to every vagina in the world.

The Honey Pot Company’s 2022 Reformulation Controversy

With such a strong message about being a plant-based brand that’s free of unwanted chemicals, it came as a shock to several loyal consumers that The Honey Pot Company’s product had been reformulated. 

In response to countless angry social media posts, Dixon took to Instagram to provide answers to her loyal customers via a video response.

“The Honey Pot is still owned by my brother, myself, and our team. Number two, we have updated the wash formula for good reason,” the founder stated. 

Throughout the video Dixon cited new regulations as the main cause for the formulation change.

“Despite and because regulations have changed, we have invested millions of dollars into additional clinical research in our washes with humans to continue to evolve them to be the best,” she said.

The brand founder also mentioned that water itself is a chemical so consumers shouldn’t lump all chemicals into a “harmful” category. 

Later Dixon emphasized, “we do not formulate with added parabens, dioxides, and sulfates. We continue to use purified water and organic apple cider vinegar, and the washes continue to be pH balancing.”

The Honey Pot Company Original Formula Feminine Wash

The Honey Pot Company’s Original Formula Feminine Wash is the plant-derived star of the brand’s assortment of personal washes. It has a hypoallergenic pH balancing formula that soothes as it cleanses. 

This is not a fragrance-free product. Linalool and limonene are two fragrances that are present in the formula. They are often used in skin and body care products. Both ingredients stem from citrus fruits and herbs. While these ingredients come from plants, people can still be sensitive to them.

The Honey Pot Company Sensitive Feminine Wipes

If you are looking for a fragrance-free way to refresh your vulva, try The Honey Pot Company’s Sensitive Feminine Wipes. Each wipe is free of fragrance, parabens, sulfates and dioxides.

You get 15 wipes in a pack.

The Honey Pot Company Lavender Fragrance-Free Panty Spray

The Honey Pot Company’s Lavender Fragrance-Free Panty Spray has no added scents. The freshness you’ll smell comes from lavender oil and rose extract. The product claims to be hypoallergenic. But, if you’re sensitive to either key ingredient, you may want to skip this one.

Meant for external use only, you can spray it on your panties, underarms, feet, and shoes.

The Honey Pot Company Anti-Itch Cream with 1% Hydrocortisone

When you’re dealing with an itch you can’t scratch in public, reach for The Honey Pot Company’s Anti-Itch Cream with 1% Hydrocortisone. Higher concentrations of hydrocortisone are regularly prescribed as an ointment to treat redness, swelling, itchiness, and discomfort. 

The Honey Pot Company Silicone Hybrid Personal Lube

The Honey Pot Company’s Silicone Hybrid Personal Lube delivers a long-lasting slick to get the (intimate) job done. It’s a water- and silicone-based fragrance-free personal lubricant.

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