Everyone has their one favorite animated movie, whether it’s “Toy Story,” “Peter Pan,” or any of the Disney Princess movies. There have been so many stories made that shaped our childhood. Many we continue to love into adulthood. Now, Rihanna is gearing up to be a part of a beloved animated franchise. The singer has been confirmed to voice the character, Smurfette in the new live-action hybrid “The Smurfs Movie.”

The singer made an in-person appearance at Cinema-Con in Las Vegas to deliver the news, according to Variety. She even joked that she “tried to get the Papa Smurf role but It didn’t work out.” Not only will the new mommy voice Smurfette, but she will write and record original songs, and produce the upcoming project.

Rihanna has previously tried her hand at voicing an animated movie. She played the main character, Tip, in the 2015 Dreamwork film, “Home.” The film grossed over $380 million worldwide.

Rihanna isn’t the only celebrity who has voiced some amazing animated characters. Here are a few you may not remember.

Black Celebrities As Animated Characters

Starting off with one of the first celebrities not typically known for being an animated character, Kyla Pratt. The actress shaped childhoods across the nation, playing the one and only Penny Proud from “The Proud Family.”

Sanaa Lathan also was a part of animated voice history. Although “The Cleaveland Show” isn’t meant for young audiences, her character is a memorable one for adults. She played the voice of Donna, Cleaveland’s wife.

Another actress who has stepped into the lane of adult animation is Regina King. The actress played the voice of both Riley and Huey Freeman in “The Boondocks.” She was originally cast as just Riley but the casting director was so impressed that he gave her both roles.

Nicki Minaj also had her share in animated voiceovers. She appeared on an episode of Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” playing Sugilite, a cross between two characters in the show.