In the dynamic world of electronic music, Black female DJs are breaking barriers and making waves like never before. With their exceptional talent, unique style, and mastering of the craft, they are leaving an undeniable mark on the global music scene. Here are five incredible Black female DJs who are captivating audiences and pushing boundaries.

Uncle Waffles – The Princess of Amapiano

Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Uncle Waffles, named Lungelihle Zwane, is a Swazi-born sensation who has taken the world by storm. Hailing from Eswatini, Uncle Waffles has made her mark with a fusion of genres that seamlessly blend amapiano, a subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa, house, and electronic sounds. Her music is an intoxicating blend of South African rhythms, hypnotic beats, and soulful bass.

Uncle Waffles’ rise to fame is a testament to her exceptional talent and relentless passion for music. Her performances are electrifying, and her tracks resonate with listeners worldwide. She recently played at Boiler Room DC, masterfully mixing hits like “Yayuppiyah” and “Tanzania.” The entire crowd chanted her slogan, “Waffles, we want to party!”

With an infectious and transfixing sound, Uncle Waffles is undeniably one of the standout DJs in 2023.

DJs Miss Milan – The Fairy VibeMother

Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for RCA Records

DJ Miss Milan, whose name is Milan Stoute, has become the music scene’s It Girl. Currently known as the official DJ for rap sensations Saweetie and Doechii, she’s not just a DJ but an advocate for emerging artists and women in music. Her energetic personality and dynamic performances have graced big stages like the 2023 BET Awards and Coachella.

Beyond the turntables, Miss Milan’s influence extends to fashion and culture. She touts various name brand collaborations and partnerships. She was the opening act for Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour with Doechii and DJ Khaled in Los Angeles. Miss Milan is a force in the entertainment industry, and you can catch her opening for Doja Cat this fall.

DJ Nia Archives – The Unmistakable Rising Star of Jungle Music

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Nia Archives has emerged as a powerful presence in music, and it’s time you paid attention. At just 23 years old, Nia is shaking up the jungle music scene. She’s not merely a DJ; she attains a diverse array of talents; producer, vocalist, lyricist, and filmmaker, among others.

Her signature neo soul vocals are emphasized by choppy jungle breakbeats in her tracks, forging songs that are impossible to resist. With roots in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom, her artistic journey continues to evolve, making Nia Archives’ mark on the music scene undeniable.

Jayda G – The Dancefloor Diva

Photo by Darren Gerrish/WireImage

Jayda G, whose name is Jayda Guy, is a Canadian DJ, producer, and environmental toxicologist, making her unique in the world of music and science. Jayda blends various genres, including disco, house, and soul, to create a feel-good atmosphere on the dancefloor.

Beyond her music, Jayda G is an advocate for environmental consciousness. Her background in ecological science led her to incorporate eco-conscious messages into her work, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability within the music industry and beyond. Jayda G’s commitment to her art and the planet makes her a multifaceted and influential figure in electronic music.

Honey Dijon – The Master of House

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Honey Dijon, whose name is Honey Redmond, is a renowned DJ and producer known for her deep house and techno mastery. Her career spans several decades, as she has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music. Born and raised in Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Honey Dijon’s connection to the genre runs deep. She’s known for her ability to craft hypnotic and soul-stirring sets.

In addition to her DJing, she’s a respected producer, releasing tracks that have become anthems on dancefloors worldwide.

Honey Dijon also advocates inclusivity and diversity within the electronic music scene. She’s vocal about LGBTQ+ rights and representation, using her platform to champion crucial social issues. Honey Dijon’s influence extends beyond the turntables, making her a trailblazing figure in music and activism.

These five Black female DJs are shaping the musical landscape and paving the way for future generations of artists. Their diverse styles, deep passion, and extraordinary talent solidified their places in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. As they continue to break barriers and inspire audiences, the future for Black female DJs looks brighter than ever.

Aysia Morton, a culture and travel writer, wrote this story.