As Pride Month unfolds, it’s time to celebrate love in all its vibrant hues! The Black LGBTQIA community is filled with couples whose authentic love stories radiate nothing but pure joy. These power duos are not only trailblazers in their fields but also in their expressions of love and commitment. Why not give them a follow and let their love cleanse your timeline!

Hope Giselle and Xander Godsey

Hope Giselle, a pioneering activist and public speaker, became the first Black trans woman to speak at the March on Washington. She and her fiancé, Xander Godsey, wed on June 1, kicking off Pride Month with their nuptials. Their love story, documented in the film “Love Unleashed: Till Death Do Us Part,” proves that fairy tales can come true for women of trans experiences, showcasing the possibility of love, success, and joy in Black trans communities.

Brittney Griner and Cherelle Griner

WNBA star Brittney Griner and lawyer Cherelle Griner met at Baylor University and married in 2019. Their relationship faced a significant test when Brittney was detained in Russia in 2022. Cherelle’s unwavering advocacy, including working with the White House, was instrumental in securing Brittney’s release. Their love story shows the power of loyalty and the strength of true partnership through life’s toughest moments.

Precious Brady-Davis and Myles Brady-Davis

Trans couple Precious and Myles Brady-Davis, married since 2016, are proud parents of two daughters. Their journey to parenthood, including Myles’ experience as a pregnant trans man, was featured on TLC’s “My Pregnant Husband.” Their visibility as trans parents is groundbreaking, advocating for the reproductive rights of trans individuals. Precious, who wrote the memoir “I Have Always Been Me,” also made history as the first Black trans woman appointed to public office in Cook County, IL.

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

Actress Niecy Nash and musician Jessica Betts connected over their love of music in 2015. Their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship, culminating in a private wedding in 2020. The couple made history in 2022 by becoming the first same-sex couple to grace the cover of Essence magazine. Their authentic and vibrant love reminds everyone of the joy of finding a partner who embraces every aspect of who you are.

Chanel Hudson-O’Connor and Novian O’Connor

Chanel Hudson-O’Connor, CEO of PR Mentality Network Agency, made history as the first trans woman of color to co-executive produce a major crime documentary. Despite initial doubts about finding love, she met Novian on the dating app Plenty of Fish in 2015. The couple married in January 2022, with their wedding featured on VH1’s “My Celebrity Dream Wedding.” They advocate for the love and acceptance of trans women, with Novian openly discussing how partners can be supportive allies.

Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis

Celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and interior designer Adair Curtis star in Netflix’s “Styling Hollywood.” Married since 2012, the couple welcomed their first child via surrogate in May 2021. Their professional and personal lives are a perfect example of how a dynamic partnership can nurture shared creativity.

Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart

Rapper Da Brat and Kaleidoscope Hair Products CEO, Jesseca Dupart, went public with their relationship in 2020 after years of speculation. Their love story is shared on the WE tv series “Brat Loves Judy,” and they are now engaged and expecting their first child. Their journey highlights the joy of finding love and happiness at any stage of life.

Queen Latifah and Eboni Nichols

Queen Latifah, known for keeping her personal life private, shares a life with choreographer Eboni Nichols. The couple reportedly met on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009 and have since welcomed a son. Queen Latifah’s emotional tribute to Eboni during her BET Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech in 2021 offered a rare glimpse into their enduring love.