One can never have too many colorful pens, journals, or notebooks. It doesn’t matter if you work remotely or in an office. The perfect stationery makes your workspace setup complete. Also, having the right stationery for your office ensures smooth operations and fosters productivity. High-quality, well-chosen stationery items streamline daily tasks and contribute to a professional appearance and organized workspace.

Whether it’s a pen that glides effortlessly on paper, sticky notes for impromptu brainstorming, or binders to keep documents in order, the right tools can make all the difference. Investing in quality stationery not only reflects a sense of professionalism but also demonstrates attention to detail, making daily tasks more enjoyable and efficient.

21Ninety has rounded up six Black-owned stationery brands your work station cannot live without.

Oh So Paper

Oh So Paper is Danielle Stewart’s vision brought to life. It is a testament to the blend of creativity and functionality in stationery. The brand offers a vibrant array of planners, stickers, notepads, and digital tools designed with meticulous attention to detail. What stands out is the brand’s commitment to enhancing productivity and making organization not just a task but fun. Each piece is infused with passion, ensuring users find utility and a sense of joy in their daily planning and note-taking activities.

Greer Chicago

Chandra Greer’s brainchild, Greer Chicago, stands as a beacon of thoughtful curation in stationery. More than just a store, it’s a hub that brings together diverse paper goods and stationery items from various designers, focusing on messages that resonate with the contemporary era. Inclusivity, social justice, and positivity are interwoven into the brand’s fabric. With its unique assortment, Greer Chicago does more than offer stationery; it provides a platform for voices and messages that inspire change, reflection, and unity in its clientele.

Culture Greetings

Credit: @culturegreetings/Instagram

Dr. Dionne Mahaffey’s innovative venture, Culture Greetings, bridges the digital and tangible worlds with its unique platform. It allows users to send personalized, physical greeting cards with just a few digital clicks. The designs deeply resonate with the diverse aesthetics and narratives of Black and brown cultures. Culture Greetings ensure that celebrations, sentiments, and expressions reflect the richness of these communities. More than just a card-sending service, Culture Greetings encapsulates the essence of heritage, tradition, and contemporary expression in each of its carefully crafted offerings.

KitsCH Noir

Founded by Cherelle Brown in the heart of the UK, KitsCH Noir is a refreshing take on greeting cards and stationery that genuinely reflects Black British culture. Through its whimsical and relatable designs, the brand portrays everyday Black life, celebrations, and experiences with a touch of humor and warmth. Cherelle’s vision with KitsCH Noir goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to foster representation and inclusivity in an industry where such perspectives have often been overlooked. Every piece from KitsCH Noir is not just a product but a celebration of identity, culture, and community.

Goldmine & Coco

Goldmine & Coco is the brainchild of Fallon Carmichael Santiago. It stands as a radiant symbol of creativity and representation in the stationery realm. Distinguished by its intricate designs and emphasis on themes that resonate deeply with the Black experience, the brand boasts an assortment of planners, journal accessories, and other stationery treasures. Each item encapsulates a story, affirmation, or sentiment that connects users to their roots, aspirations, and daily reflections. Goldmine & Coco’s commitment goes beyond stationery. It’s about creating spaces where stories are told, identities are celebrated, and every mark on paper has a deeper meaning.