Black hair and hairstyle has always been a polarizing. Some parts of society were once so brazen with their discriminatory practices toward Black hair, but things are quickly changing. Thanks to the traction of The CROWN Act, Black hair discrimination against continues to be an urgent issue. In the meantime, Black woman are rocking their natural hairstyles unapologetically, and here’s why that is awesome.

Black Women Are Not Caving In

There was a time when mainstream society tried to put almost all Black women into a stereotypical box, and hair played a role in that dynamic. Society further labeled Black woman as “loud,” angry,” and in many cases, Black women were treated differently because of how they wore their hair. In the past, the feeling of inadequacy has  pushed many Black women to alter their hair and looks, but not anymore. Black women in all types of work settings and confidently flaunting their hair in ways that they feel comfortable with, and in the process, empowering each other.

Black Hair Is Professional

The biggest issue with hair discrimination is that people have called natural Black hair “unprofessional.” Many Black women are challenging that idea, and  unanimously agree that while Black hair may come in different tones, styles and texture, their hair is professional and beautiful.

A New Era For Black Women

In this new era for Black women, confidence and self love are on the rise. Black women are refusing to allow any negative energy or micro-aggression around them as it relates to their hair. There has also been a recent uptick in the past few years of Black women firmly reinforcing their boundaries by asking random people who try to touch their hair not to do so.

It Shows Self-Acceptance

With more Black women opting to wear their hair on their own terms, it shows that regardless of the many times that society has chosen to shame, ridicule or criticize, women for their hair styling choices, especially in the  work environment.

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