Black women are building foundations for betterment and self-nurturing in the wellness space. With their focus on the Black community, many Black women are urging others to making caring for their mind, body and spirit a priority.

Without the contributions of Black women in wellness, the narrative may be completely different for Black women and their vitality. Black women wellness advocates continue to enact change that ripples across generations through creating examples, products and safe spaces for Black wellness.

Tiana Duncan

Tiana Duncan, who is the founder of Indigo Movement, is making rest and restoration accessible for her community in the South Seattle area. Duncan leads a team of certified and highly trained specialists who offer massage sessions, circuit training kickboxing and yoga classes.

Deun Ivory

Deun Ivory holds a safe space for survivors of sexual abuse and documents Black women in the softest way imaginable. As a photographer, Ivory gives Black women permission to imagine new ways of being and healing through her work.

Stevona Elem-Rogers

Stevona Elem-Rogers is a writer and educator who advocates for Black women’s wellbeing. As the creator of the digital campaign ‘Black Women Are For Grown Ups,’ she focuses on the visibility of Black womanhood. Through various projects and writings, Elem-Rogers holds space for Black women, their right to be enough and their livelihoods.

Joy Harden Bradford

Therapy has become a normalized aspect of wellness in Black communities. As a central voice in this movement, Joy Harden Bradford has made therapy less of a taboo for Black women. With her platform ‘Therapy for Black Girls,’ she normalized seeking out therapy that is sensitive and culturally available for Black women’s needs.

Alex Elle

Alex Elle has helped foster multi-generational healing through her writing and offerings. There’s a vulnerability and call for self-compassion at the cornerstone of her work. Through her bestselling books, podcasts, online community building and newsletter, Elle redefined what it means to embrace grateful living.