Once thought to be a thing only for children’s playrooms, LEGO has found a new fan base among Black women. To make things better, they’re proudly showcasing their creativity one brick at a time. The recent surge in Black women embracing LEGO building as a hobby not only reflects a nostalgic return to childhood joy but also signifies a broader cultural shift in the perception of this iconic toy.


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Social media platforms have become the stage for Black women to proudly display their LEGO creations. One search of the hashtag, #BlackGirlsDoLEGO and users will find a slew of Black women showing off their LEGO collections with pride and of course, swag. From intricate architectural masterpieces to fun character portraits, Black women are proving that LEGO building is not just for kids anymore. Singer and actress Chloe Bailey recently shared her own LEGO creations, igniting a wave of enthusiasm among her followers and highlighting the inclusive nature of this hobby.

The Cultural Shift by LEGO

Although this newfound love affair with LEGO among Black women is beautiful, the driving factor is much more intricate. There is an evolving landscape of LEGO as a brand and its strategic pivot towards adult consumers. Over the past decade, LEGO has witnessed a remarkable doubling of revenue according to The Wall Street Journal. This is thanks in large part to its adult fan base. Recognizing the untapped potential of this demographic, LEGO has curated a collection of elaborate sets tailored specifically for adults, ranging from iconic movie scenes to architectural marvels.

The appeal of LEGO for adults extends beyond mere nostalgia. It’s now about indulging in a creative outlet that offers both relaxation and satisfaction. Displaying a completed LEGO set has become a socially acceptable form of home decor, blurring the lines between childhood toy and sophisticated art piece. LEGO’s introduction of the “18+” labeling has helped destigmatize the notion of adults indulging in LEGO building, paving the way for widespread acceptance.


Hopping on the #blackgirlsdolego train. Shoutout to @lexi rielle ♡ for puttin on 💪🏽🧱 #lego #legocollection @LEGO

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For Black women, LEGO building represents more than just a pastime. It’s a form of self-expression and a celebration of creativity. Embracing LEGO building allows Black women to showcase their talent on their own terms. While LEGO continues to cater to the interests of adult consumers, Black women are seizing the opportunity to find a new outlet.