Blue Ivy Carter was recently spotted at an NBA final game in San Francisco, and the internet can’t get enough. The ten-year-old looked stylish in a leather jacket, worn over a black T-shirt with the words “Brown Skin Girl.” The T-shirt appeared to be an ode to the Grammy-winning song “Brown Skin Girl,” which she featured on. The tween finished her look with a pair of Black pants and Nike sneakers. While we can all take some time to gasp in amazement that Blue Ivy is already a decade old, it is also worth noting that she has grown into a lovely young lady who favors her mother, Queen Bey. While the internet loved Blue Ivy’s outfit and her endearing exchange with her father, the legendary Jay-Z, many people also focused on her flawless curls and the complicated relationship that the public formerly had with Blue Ivy’s hair. Here’s why:

Saucy Santana’s Old Tweets

Recently, the internet was ablaze when old tweets from Saucy Santana, the self-proclaimed Material Gworl, hit the internet. In those tweets, the rapper makes shockingly disparaging remarks about Blue Ivy’s hair, calling it “nappy-headed” and comparing the then two-year-old to North West, Ye’s daughter. Known for their no-nonsense approach to the matriarch of their fandom, The Bey Hive did come out in droves to call out Santana for his inappropriate comments, a threat that Santana promptly dismissed and refused to succumb to.


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A Seeming “Snap Back”

Blue Ivy has been trending online following the NBA outing, and while people are rightfully praising the 10-year-old for her growth, many people are pointing out how ruthless the internet was with her when she was younger. Once upon a time, the internet unconscionably attacked Blue Ivy’s hair, primarily because her parents had chosen to allow her to rock her Black hair in its natural state. Self-righteous Black hair false prophets even thumped their noses at Beyoncé’s mothering because she had allowed Blue Ivy to wear her natural hair. Numerous of these comments also segued to unacceptable sentiments like Santana’s, with many directly attacking the toddler’s physical features at the time. In true Beyoncé and Jay-Z fashion, they never spoke out about the issue or made public comments, despite the never-ending provocative comments.


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Looking Ahead

It seems shocking that the world had already expected Blue Ivy at a young age to possess Beyoncé’s striking features. That pressure and the fact that the world often takes no issue in shamelessly mocking a Black girl-child made distasteful, brazen comments like Santana’s fly under the radar for a long time. The tune has unanimously changed now that Blue Ivy is coming into her own and showing features similar to her mother’s. While the past comments about her comments have been unfortunate, it is so refreshing to see Blue blossoming into such a beautiful young lady. More than anything, Blue is proof that all Black hair, in its lustrous, flamboyant, bouncy glory, is regal.


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