There is nothing worse than when you’re trying to sleep peacefully and a knotless braid just won’t let you rest. Or, when you wake up and your protective style is frizzy but your next appointment is two months away. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent all of this from happening in the first place – a bonnet or hair wrap. 

Throwing on a silk or satin hairpiece can extend your hairstyle by preventing friction with rough fabrics. Along with helping maintain your hairstyle, wearing a bonnet is a great way to keep your strands out of your face while you do your skin care routine, cook, or relax on the couch. 

Here are five bonnets and hair wraps that will extend the life of your style and maintain your crown no matter what length you’re rocking.

Jumbo Bonnet

The Jumbo Size Sleeping Satin Bonnet Stretchy Tie Band from Isshin Beauty envelopes even the largest of fros in silky soft satin. At 16.5 inches long with 22-inch long bands, you could turn your wash n’ go into a wash n’ go to sleep without messing up your hairstyle for the next day. Plus, if you’re the type of person who prefers to alternate between a lengthy box braid, a silk press, and your natural curls, this is a great bonnet to grab. Why? Because no matter your style this bonnet will hold your hair in place all day and night.

Wrap Scarf

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Got a buzz cut or shorter curls and don’t need a huge bonnet? Then reach for Evolve’s Satin Wrap Scarf. The durag features long ties that you can single, or double, wrap around your head for a secure fit. You can wear the satin wrap scarf during the day as an accessory to your favorite fit. Or, you can wrap it up extra tight to ensure that it doesn’t budge while you sleep.

Wide Band

If you’re on your last bonnet, it’s time for a restock. No need to endlessly click around Amazon, just grab Heniho’s 10-pack of Satin Bonnets With Wide Band. With a 12.5-inch diameter you can slip your curls, bantu knots, twist outs, and more underneath this satin dome of protection. Once you have these bonnets in your drawer, you can wear the same one for a week or rock a new one every day to match your PJs. You’ll recieve 10 different colors to play with.

Silk Turban

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

The All Silk Turban from Grace Eleyae offers luxurious protection for your hair, no matter the style. Target run? Wear the turban. Lunch with friends? Wear the turban. Night in with your boo… wear this all silk turban! You can slide this double-lined silk headpiece over your cornrows or curls. It will stay atop your head with an elastic band that’s tucked between the layers of silk. And, if your crown of Senegalese twists are grown out and you need to keep your roots under cover, top off your look with the Grace Eleyae’s knot-front silk turban. No one will know that your next appointment is two weeks away.

Bonnet for Braids

Yanibest’s dual pack of Long Satin Hair Bonnets for Braids is here to save you from fighting your knotless braids and faux locs while you sleep or lounge around the house. For those moments when even a jumbo bonnet can’t handle your hair just gather what you got and slip it into the 29/5-inch long bonnet. Aside from its length, the ties attached to this bonnet have some stretch so you can wrap it around your head in a way that makes you feel secure about protecting your protective style. Also, it will feel so satisfying to just slip off this long bonnet without an unexpected dent in your mane.

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