What’s better than one of our favorites giving us something to gift the special women in our lives? Two, of course! Thankfully, singer Melanie Fiona and jewelry designer Melanie White of Melanie Marie understood the assignment. 

The two dynamic moms have teamed up to create special Mother’s Day-inspired mantra bracelets for every kind of mother (yep, even those of you who have fur babies!). The “momtra” bracelets are gold and feature uplifting messages designed with words and phrases to empower and celebrate all moms/women like “I am the answer to my ancestor’s prayers” and “my body is a life force,” among others. 

Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, there is something for you in this Melanie x 2 collaboration. The perfect duo released an adorable promo featuring Fiona and her son, Cameron, to further cement just how amazing this collaboration is. 

Motherhood can be a truly humbling experience for many and Fiona shared a message about the most important lesson she’s learned on her journey via social media. “My greatest and hardest lesson of motherhood,” said Fiona, “has been learning how to surrender. To dismiss all expectations of trying to control every little thing to perfection, and allow grace and patience to step in…with myself and with my child. Surrendering to the journey, is what allows you to enjoy it.” 

The collection is available at melaniemarie.com, and there’s still time to order for the important woman or women in your life! Showing love to our mothers and supporting a Black woman-owned business at the same time? Incredible. 

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