The longevity of Brandy Norwood’s career spans across generations in music and across film and TV.

From her early beginning as a young actress on “Moesha” to her appearance in several movies, her outstanding performances have made her a household name. Many have watched the artist grow up, but some roles will always hold a special place in the hearts of her fans.

Her part in the 1997 adaptation of “Cinderella” remains one of her most iconic roles and made history as she was the first Black actress to play the Disney princess. As Brandy prepares to make her epic return as Cinderella on screen for the new Disney movie “Descendants: The Rise of the Red,” here is a look back on her legendary acting career. 

Norwood Playing Moesha Mitchell in “Moesha”

This all-time ’90s classic is high on the list of on-screen projects fans adored watching Norwood in. Although it was not her first acting job, “Moesha” still introduced the talented singer and actress to other audiences. The 1996 sitcom gained immense popularity, as it followed the life of Moesha Mitchell as she learned to navigate being a teen.

It had its hilarious moments, including the episode where Moesha found herself in an awkward situation after her friends invited all her past boyfriends to her 18th birthday party. However, the show also had more heartwarming scenes that pulled on audiences’ heartstrings. One touching episode is when Moesha left home, and her younger brother, Myles, was excited to take her room until he realized that his sister would no longer be present. The show gave viewers six years of charm and laughter before ending in 2001. 

Her Role As Chardonnay In “The Game” 

Norwood joined the cast of “The Game” in 2011. She initially appeared as a recurring character in the show’s fifth season. She played Chardonnay, a bartender who soon becomes Jason Pitts’ new wife. While Norwood’s character was a wildcard, fans enjoyed watching her tap into this unseen version. Her commitment and talent promoted her to series regular and earned her an NAACP Image Award in 2014 for her role as Chardonnay in the comedy.

Norwood Playing Cassie In “Star”

Norwood’s character development in the Fox drama “Star” surprised most fans. Viewers were first introduced to her character, Cassie, as Carlotta’s (played by Queen Latifah) younger sister in the second half of season two. For fans of the show, Cassie was initially deemed the enemy with her deceitful, manipulative and violent behavior.

Her character was complex as she idolized her sister for the lifestyle she desired to have and despised Carlotta for several reasons that linked back to unresolved sibling issues. Although that’s how fans were introduced to Norwood’s character, her portrayal flipped by season three, and she found herself as her sister’s ally in the end.

Her Character Naomi In “Queens”

Although this ABC musical drama only lasted for one season, Norwood made every second count while playing Naomi. One of the best parts about the show was hearing Norwood’s vocals as she acted as one of the revived girl group members. Filled with the combination of dramatic antics and musical performances, the award-winning singer was in her element.

Norwood Acting As Jackie In “Best. Christmas. Ever!”

Norwood’s acting résumé also features her starring in films, including her most recent holiday movie, “Best. Christmas. Ever!” The 2023 comedy follows two frenemies who must learn to overcome their differences during the holiday season. From her past acting history, she knows how to tackle a character with complicated relationships, whether with friends or family. Regardless of her role, if Norwood is the star, then success will follow.