Sitting through a Brazilian wax may just be the hardest 20 minutes of your day. While the pain will eventually subside, the work is not done. Brazilian waxes are a great alternative to shaving for many Black women who battle with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. While waxes can alleviate some hair related issues, they also require specific aftercare to make sure other problems don’t arise. Black estheticians are a great resource to help Black women, in particular, care for their waxed areas post salon visit.

21Ninety consulted with two Black esthetician’s, Lisa Mays and Wynter Gomez, about some of the best aftercare tips to keep your skin healthy and smooth after a Brazilian wax.

Exfoliate Before and After Your Brazilian Wax

Photo credit: Alesia Kozik

Both estheticians emphasize exfoliating as a part of Brazilian wax aftercare. It can help prevent ingrown hairs and discoloration. Mays recommends exfoliate two days after the appointment. You should gently scrub the waxed area so hair can eventually grow back with ease. Mays also suggests limiting exfoliation to three times a week. Gomez believes consistency is key when it comes to fighting ingrown hairs and discoloration. An exfoliating mitt may be too harsh in this scenario, Gomez says. Instead she suggest Black women who suffer from ingrown hairs try exfoliating with their hands.


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After a Brazilian wax, moisture is vital to prevent irritation. Gomez reminds women that fragrant products may knock off your pH balance. She recommends using a vitamin C serum to soothe the waxed area. For cost-effective purposes, raw shea butter is another holistic way to treat your fresh wax. Mays says to use a small amount of shea butter to protect your skin. Either way, use a light moisturizer for a smooth application. Remember, heavy, oil-based products might clog your pores.

Love Making Will Have To Wait and Wear Breathable Underwear.

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If you opted for a Brazilian wax with plans of intimacy shortly after, you may be disappointed by this next piece of advice. Esthetician’s recommend waiting 24 hours after a wax before any intimacy. Mays says intercourse may lead to skin irritation caused by sweat entering your open pores. Also be intentional when it comes to your under garments post-wax. Synthetic-blend lingerie is not recommended by Gomez. She believes cotton underwear should be worn to prevent a reaction.