Have you been binging “Bridgerton” and want a slice of the drama to keep with you forever? Based on Julia Quinn’s novels, this hit series captivated audiences with its romantic storylines, rich characters, and the opulent setting of Regency-era England. For any parents-to-be who are fans of the show, here’s a curated list of 50 baby names inspired by the characters, both major and minor, from this beloved series.

50 Names Inspired by the Hit Series ‘Bridgerton’

These names, inspired by the rich and diverse characters of “Bridgerton,” offer a blend of classic elegance, historical significance, and timeless charm, perfect for any little lord or lady.

1. Daphne

  • The charming and graceful Bridgerton daughter, who captures the heart of many with her elegance.

2. Simon

  • The dashing Duke of Hastings, known for his complexity and deep love.

3. Anthony

  • The responsible and protective eldest Bridgerton brother, embodying strength and duty.

4. Eloise

  • The witty and independent Bridgerton sister, who is a favorite for her rebellious spirit.

5. Benedict

  • The artistic and free-spirited second Bridgerton brother, admired for his creativity.

6. Penelope

  • The clever and kind-hearted Featherington daughter, who harbors a big secret.

7. Colin

  • The adventurous and charming third Bridgerton brother, known for his jovial nature.

8. Francesca

  • The quieter and more reserved Bridgerton sister, often seen in the background.

9. Hyacinth

  • The youngest Bridgerton sister, lively and full of curiosity.

10. Gregory

  • The youngest Bridgerton brother, always full of energy and mischief.

11. Marina

  • A complex character whose story intertwines with the Featheringtons and Bridgertons.

12. Philippa

  • One of the Featherington sisters, known for her comedic moments.

13. Prudence

  • Another Featherington sister, who often finds herself in awkward situations.

14. Portia

  • The determined and scheming Featherington matriarch, always seeking to improve her family’s standing.

15. Genevieve

  • The fashionable and resourceful modiste, who creates stunning dresses for the ton.

16. Siena

  • The passionate opera singer who captures Anthony Bridgerton’s heart.

17. Will

  • The Duke’s loyal friend and a skilled boxer, representing strength and honor.

18. Lady Danbury

  • The wise and formidable matriarch, who plays a crucial role in the Duke’s upbringing.

19. Queen Charlotte

  • The regal and commanding queen, adding a touch of royal elegance.

20. Violet

  • The loving and supportive Bridgerton matriarch, embodying warmth and grace.

21. Hastings

  • Inspired by the Duke of Hastings, symbolizing nobility and distinction.

22. Albion

A historical name representing old England, for those who love a touch of history.

23. Cressida

  • A name with literary and historical roots, often used for characters of noble birth.

24. Dorset

A noble title and location, fitting for a child with a regal air.

25. Katherine

  • A timeless name, representing several historical figures of strength and influence.

26. Edmund

  • The late Bridgerton patriarch, whose name signifies loyalty and leadership.

27. Gareth

  • A strong and solid name, suitable for a brave and noble child.

28. Rose

  • A classic and beautiful name, perfect for a delicate and lovely baby girl.

29. Phoebe

  • Inspired by Phoebe Dynevor, the actress who plays Daphne, this name is light and graceful.

30. Reynard

  • A distinctive and unique name, adding an air of mystery and charm.

31. Charlotte

  • A name shared by royalty and beloved by many for its classic elegance.

32. Felicity

  • A joyful and cheerful name, fitting for a happy and bright child.

33. Alice

  • A timeless and classic name, evoking a sense of wonder and innocence.

34. Louise

  • A sophisticated and elegant name, perfect for a child of refined taste.

35. Frederick

  • A strong and noble name, suitable for a child destined for greatness.

36. Margaret

  • A name with royal and literary associations, perfect for a regal little girl.

37. Hugh

  • A solid and classic name, suitable for a strong and dependable child.

38. Isabella

  • A beautiful and romantic name, perfect for a child with a poetic soul.

39. Theodore

  • A name meaning “gift of God,” suitable for a cherished and beloved baby boy.

40. Lydia

  • A name with historical significance, often associated with strength and independence.

41. Albert

  • A regal and noble name, perfect for a child with a strong and commanding presence.

42. Dorothea

  • A classical name, full of grace and elegance.

43. Augustus

  • A grand and majestic name, fitting for a child destined for greatness.

44. Caroline

  • A sweet and melodic name, perfect for a gentle and kind-hearted child.

45. James

  • A classic and timeless name, symbolizing strength and reliability.

46. Emmeline

  • A graceful and sophisticated name, perfect for a child with a refined taste.

47. Nathaniel

  • A noble and strong name, suitable for a child of high standing.

48. Beatrice

  • A name with literary roots, perfect for a child with a poetic and artistic soul.

49. Rupert

  • A distinguished and elegant name, fitting for a child with a noble air.

50. Victoria

  • A regal and timeless name, perfect for a child destined to rule with grace and dignity.