Moving away from your hometown and finding your community in a new, unfamiliar city is daunting and intimidating.

Whether for a new job or a change in scenery, uprooting from who and what you know comes with social challenges. One difficulty is cultivating a new community. Making meaningful connections and friendships as an adult differs from doing so when you were younger. There is discomfort behind taking the initial step or making the first move. The fear of rejection also plays a bigger role. The awkwardness that comes with putting yourself out there also can be overwhelming. Another key part is not knowing where to start when building a new community.

However, the beauty in being in new territory is the endless possibilities available if you’re open to searching for them. These activities will help you embark on this new journey and make finding a support system easier.

Join A Social Club

Choosing to step out of your comfort zone by becoming a community social club member can be beneficial.

Social clubs are organizations that are geared towards connecting people with similar interests. They provide opportunities to expose you to different parts of the area through meetups and create activities to initiate bonding exercises. Becoming a social club member can be an enriching experience that will introduce you to new hobbies, while also giving you the opportunity to forge new friendships. There are several types of organizations to choose from. Some are free, while others have a membership fee attached.

Lean On Your Existing Community

Although you’re no longer near your previous community, you can still rely on them.

There is a high chance that at least one person knows someone in your current city and would be willing to make that connection. Similar to blind dating, friends can gauge the type of people who align with your values and can set up a meetup. Loved ones are typically happy to make introductions between mutual connections, which helps secure friendships quicker than reaching out to people on your own.

Follow Local Social Media Event Pages

Social media is a game changer for discovering community events happening nearby. These social media pages are geared explicitly to amplifying and promoting events catering to various interests. Festivals, concerts, family days and events for young adults are just a few of the activities posted on these pages.