There was once a time when the halls of schools were adorned not just with UGG boots and layers upon layers of tank tops, but also with the iconic bump hairstyle. This hairstyle was an extremely versatile choice, as you could wear it to school, church, or even attending a party which called for your best business casual outfit. Those may have felt like much simpler time. Luckily for those who want to revel in some nostalgia, it seems like those times are coming back.

In a recent Get Ready With Me video shared by Youtuber Aliyah Jay, viewers were transported back to the early 2010s as she effortlessly rocked the classic bump look. While Jay may be embracing the bump, critics online have mixed opinions. Many, however, are simply shocked that they’ve lived long enough to see the style make its return.

Does the Public Want The Bump Back?

Online, many people can’t even fathom the idea that a style that shaped a very niche era, is being brought into 2024. It is proof that fashion trends never truly die, but it can make someone wonder about the turn over rate trends truly have.

There are a few people, however, who would rather the bump stay in the past. Some love the look on Jay, as she is known for her unique style, but don’t want to see it on anyone else.

One user, made a very simple request to social media,”Don’t bring this back i beg of you.”

There are other users who are excited for the return of the style. Some are even excited to bring other styles from that era back as well.

User, @keiaramariee tweeted, “If y’all bringing humps back, I’m getting popcorn twisters with a knotball & a chopped ponytail.”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The origins of the bump hairstyle might shock you. If you grew up in the 2000s, chances are you’re familiar with this trend. Although pop culture icons like Snooki and Tyra Banks helped popularize this look back then, it got its start centuries ago.

The bouffant is the bump’s grandmother. It’s a timeless classic with roots tracing back to the 18th century and is still seen on today’s public figures. Just as recently as this year, Beyoncé rocked a bouffant at her Renaissance World Tour Movie premiere.

Popularized in the late ’50s and ’60s, the bouffant is more of a grand and classier version of the bump. The bouffant tends to cover the entirety of top of the head and rounds itself out. In contrast, the bump is smaller and usually worn at the top front of the head.

So, is the bump hairstyle making a comeback? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. With influencers and celebrities leading the charge, the bump is reclaiming its rightful place in the spotlight.