The luxury London fashion house, Burberry, has teamed up with the legendary Naomi Campbell, unveiling their latest summer TB Monogram collection and campaign.

Ricardo Tisci, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, is a longtime friend of Campbell’s. Their partnership brings forth a new and revitalized view into the Burberry franchise, mixing modern and chic within high-end fashion branding.

“It’s magical working with Riccardo,” said Campbell in a statement. “He always has such a unique vision and continually manages to bring another facet out of me, pushing me to do things I don’t think I can do. Working with Burberry is also always such an honour.”

The Burberry brand is commonly known for its plaid silhouettes and signature beige/brown color combinations. Burberry’s latest TB Monogram collection is a new venture into uncharted territory from the brands usual, while still holding truth and vision to their signature color palettes.

The collection features bucket hats, strappy bikinis, purses/fanny packs, and other sleek blue silhouettes to bring in a warm summer with cool undertones.

The campaign was launched with the help of a creative team. Photographer, Danko Steiner, stylist, Catherine Baba, make-up artist, Adam Fleischhauer, hairstylist Jawara, and visual artist Frederik Heyman were among the team to put Naomi’s incredible modelesque figure to life with a Burberry take on things.

“Naomi is a powerful, yet serene- standing atop architectural plinths surrounded by water. A modern reimagination of coastal terrains, of new frontiers, charting a path to the imagined world ahead,” states Burberry in a press release.

Burberry adds, “Capturing our desire to go beyond, our third TB Summer Monogram collection is defined by free-spirited individuality, optimism, and discovery. Three new colorways of cobalt blue, deep royal blue, and mid grey are cast across contemporary, made for summer silhouettes.”

The TB Summer Monogram collection is currently available to purchase online and in select Burberry stores globally.

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