What’s that warm weather phrase again? Oh, yeah. Suns out buns out! It’s officially time to unearth the collection of shorts that have been hibernating through the dreary and cold winter. 

As you solidify your spring-summer wardrobe, you’ll notice that some of last year’s shorts need to hit the donation pile instead of the gym. Most of them have probably gone so lifeless that they don’t lift your booty like they once did. 

Once you part with your worn out shorts, you’ll have more room in your closet to usher in a few pairs of butt-lifting shorts. Some styles boast booty-flaunting seams, while others have panels under the cheeks to lift you up from below.

Outdoor workouts, sweaty gym sessions, and music festivals are coming up. It’s the perfect time to click “add to cart” on some new curve hugging shorts. Keep scrolling to refresh your butt-lifting shorts supply for all your warm weather activities. 

Best of all, they’re all available on Amazon Prime so you can get them before the weather really warms up.

The social media favorite, gone short

Remember those leggings on TikTok with the honeycomb pattern that everyone obsessed over? Seasum has dropped a pair of Textured Scrunch Butt Lifting Workout Shorts with that same structure. Along with the built-in pattern that hugs every curve, these shorts also feature a wide waistband and a butt-lifting seam between the booty cheeks. The combination of the unique fabric structure with perfectly placed seams will lift your butt all day every day. Seasum’s polyester spandex-blend shorts are currently available in over 10 colors and come in sizes X-Small to 3X-Large.

Simply uplifting

The High Waisted Butt Lifting Shorts from Kiwi Rata boasts a ruched seam that pulls the polyester spandex-blend fabric taught over the booty cheeks. That way you end up with a more defined rear. These high-waist shorts also have a wide waistband that adds a touch of compression. Kiwi Rata’s butt-sculpting shorts are available in over 10 colors. And, they’re available in sizes  X-small to XX-large.

Smooth all over

Looking for the best value? Then check out Ama Larsi’s High Waisted Seamless Booty Biker Shorts. These seamless shorts come in a pack of three. The booty biker shorts feature a five-inch inseam, triangle-shaped crotch, and under booty panels to lift your derriere. Plus, the high-waist shorts are made of a nylon polyester spandex-blend mesh fabric. Shop these moisture-wicking shorts in sizes small to XX-large.

A firm hug where you want it

The QOQ High Waisted Tummy Control Biker Shorts have double the support. Featuring a five-inch inseam, tummy control waist, and a butt-lifting seam, these high-waist shorts offer 360-degree support. The nylon spandex-blend fabric of these shorts won’t cut you off at the tummy or the thighs. Currently, you can shop these shorts in over 10 colors and sizes X-small to XX-large.

Support from above and below

The Yeoreo High Waist Smile Contour Workout Shorts offer the most bum-sculpting on this list. These shorts boast a seam between the cheeks, a V-shaped seam above the booty, and zoned panels under each buttock for the ultimate butt-lifting support. Apart from the booty seam, and the inner thighs, these shorts are seamless. Made of nylon, polyester, and spandex, these breathable shorts can easily be a wardrobe staples this spring and summer. Available in sizes XX-small to XX-large, all you have to do is pick your color. You have over 10 to choose from.

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