Guys, it is crunch time. Yes, almost swimsuit, shorts, tank top and sundress season. I know many of us have been trying to stay true to our fitness goals and have been hitting the gym regularly with hopes of being more fit than we were the day before. For those who have practically been making the gym a second home, how's it working out for you? Are you feeling productive and getting your desired results? Or do you feel like things could go a whole lot better productivity-wise?

Here are some ways we can stay focused and maximize our gym time:

Chill with the selfies 

I know you all are cursing me under your breath right now, but seriously, some of us are doing the absolute most with full-out photo shoots on the treadmill! Instead, try snapping a pre/post-workout photograph and keep the distractions at a minimum. 

Don't talk about it, be about it

This is a hard truth. So many talk a good game, but so few actually follow through. Sure, it's nice to post cute gym selfies and all of your meal prep ideas, but be sure to put in the actual work. I guarantee you that people will be checking for your progress the next time they come in contact with you – you did put it out there!

Make sure you're equipped and have a plan

Having the right gear is half the battle. Invest in the proper workout clothes, as well as a few pieces to add to your comforts, such as weight gloves to prevent calluses, headphones to tune out the noise, a water bottle, sweat towel and the all-important playlist. Not only is the proper equipment essential, but it's important to have a plan of action (ex. Mondays – cardio, Tuesdays – weight training, etc.). There are tons of ideas available online to help get you started on your solo gym workout. 

Photo: Pixabay/Laraveuse

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to everything! If you do something long enough, eventually it becomes a habit. You can't go to the gym every once in a blue moon and expect to get the results you desire. Be patient, work hard and know that it's a journey. 

Photo: Pixabay/Geralt

Remember why you're doing it

This is the most important tip: Remember why you started and see it through. You don't need anyone's validation. As long as you're putting in the required work, not only will you look good, but you'll feel even better. 

Photo: Pexels

If you take heed to these tips, you'll be maximizing your workout experience in no time! 

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