Rapper Cardi B has been cleared in the battery investigation started earlier this week after the rapper threw a microphone at a concertgoer. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, no charges will be filed against her.

“After a thorough review of this case and with the consultation from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, this case has been closed as having insufficient evidence,” the department said in a statement.

The “WAP” rapper who recently released a track with her partner Offset, was part of the investigation following the incident where she threw her microphone at a fan on Sunday. The fan threw a drink onstage hitting the rapper with liquid while she was performing at an outdoor event in Las Vegas. Although it was later revealed that, at some point during the show, Cardi B urged the crowd to throw water on her to help her cool down from the heat, the offending fan threw a drink on Cardi B’s face, which she seemingly objected to.

A Battery Suspect 

On Monday, TMZ reported that although the microphone had hit the offending guest, it also bounced off and hit another guest at the event. Although it was unclear which of the affected guests reported to the police, Cardi B was swiftly considered a suspect in what the police described as a battery investigation. 

Cardi B’s lawyers, spoke to TMZ about the Police Department’s decision not to file.

“This afternoon we were notified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept., that as a result of their investigation, there will be NO charges against Cardi. On behalf of Cardi, we appreciate the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept’s diligent and prompt resolution of this matter,” Cardi’s reps said.

Cardi B hasn’t commented on the incident since it took place.