Speaking your friends’ love language is super important for maintaining healthy friendships. There are certain things to keep in mind for those friends who value the physical touch love language.

The physical touch love language is all about using an embrace to make someone feel witnessed, peaceful and safe. In friendships, physical touch may be about intimacy and presence more than anything else. Small physical gestures and physical closeness all come into play.

One thing worth noting with this love language is that touch serves as a way of bonding and releases feel-good hormones that make it more enjoyable. When showing up for your physical touch loving friend, you should try not to neglect skin-to-skin contact when possible. Acts, such as hugs, forehead kisses and gently squeezing the hand in testing moments, will be appreciated. The physical touch girls in your friendship circle crave regular touch from the ones they trust. Transitioning the friendship from surface level to meaningful will be about striking that balance between warm and affirming touch without being overbearing.

Why you Should Learn Your Friends’ Love Languages

Learning your friends’ love languages is a must, if you want to build long-lasting, meaningful bonds. Love languages are indicative of how people feel most loved. It’s a great idea to invest time in learning family and friends’ love languages. Once you know their love language, you’ll be able to show up in ways that feel personal.

Keep in mind how your friend likes to give and receive love. To help you connect with your friends on a deeper level, here are some suggestions on how you can show up for your friends that value the physical touch love language.

Offer to do Their Hair

Offering to do your friend’s hair is a great way to display physical touch. Physical touch love language people may enjoy the act of having an intimate moment with you while you care for their hair. In many cultures, hair is thought to be an extension of the body and nervous system. This act might be extra special and promote emotional bonding.

Give Them a Warm Embrace

It’s important to embrace your physical touch friend when meeting and remembering to do the same when departing. That simple touch will make a huge difference for them.

Grounding and Affirming Touch

While telling a story or listening to an account of their day, be sure to offer grounding or affirming touch. This will let your friend know that you are with them.

Dance Together

Whether on the beach, at home or in club, it is going to be a great opportunity to affirm and celebrate each other’s bodies. Since dance is a form of communication, this should bring you to deeper levels of listening to each other.

Treat Them to a Sound Bowl Healing Experience

Sound bowl, or singing bowl, healing has a wonderful way of taking the body to new heights. Treat your friend to a class or an at-home experience by setting the calming tone and encouraging every cell in their body to be at ease.